6 Energy Tips for Busy and Tired Moms

6 energy tips for busy and tired moms.

energy tips for busy moms

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Being a mom is a wonderful experience. However, it is a challenging one, as well. Most mothers find it hard to admit they are tired of all the multitasking. We try to be some kind of supermoms — cooking, tidying up, taking care of the kids, being there for them, playing with them, keeping the family together, going to work (if you are a working mom), and doing all that with a smile on our faces, never complaining.

What we fail to see is that a mother being exhausted isn’t good for anyone, including the children. So, your first task is to understand that you deserve to cut yourself some slack and take a breather from time to time.

We know it’s often difficult for a busy mom to accomplish that, so we’ve rounded up a few effective tips to help you refuel your energy supplies.

Take an invigorating shower

Everyone has the time for a quick shower. Instead of a warm bath which is relaxing and sleep-inducing, consider taking a contrast shower. This procedure will awaken your senses, and it is beneficial for your skin and blood vessels.

A contrast shower means switching between warm and cool water (not boiling and cold). Start with warm water, then turn on cool, and then again warm. Every stage should take about 40 seconds to one minute. Repeat the process three times, and finish up with jets of cool water. 

A contrast shower is not recommended for women who are pregnant or have cardiovascular diseases.

Recharge with a nap

A 20-minute nap can be a great recharge, especially if you didn’t get enough sleep the previous nap. Napping longer than half an hour, on the other hand, can be counterproductive. 

You can take a nap any time of the day, but it would be best to do it in the afternoon. It would be best to sneak in a 20-minute shut-eye while the kids are asleep. However, if they’re awake and you really need a few minutes of rest, put on a short cartoon and lie down on the couch. Depending on their age, you can give them a quiet, structured activity (like drawing or doing a puzzle) to keep them busy while they are resting. 

Get quality sleep

Napping is great, but it can never replace quality sleep. To achieve that, you will need to establish a bedtime routine that both you and your kids will stick to. For example, establish the exact time for a bath and storytime. After that, prepare yourself for bedtime with a warm bath or a shower and some light reading. 

To actually achieve quality sleep, you will need to invest in a good mattress. It would be wise to look for mattresses without fiberglass because this material can be irritating to your skin and aggravate asthma. Also, when choosing a new mattress, make sure it provides decent support, appropriate for your most common sleeping position.

Get a massage

Massages are ideal for both relieving stress and boosting your energy. It would be perfect if you could book a relaxing or invigorating massage once a week or once a month. However, if this isn’t an option, you can achieve similar effects with a manual or electric massager. Five to seven minutes of this treatment can accelerate the blood supply, reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, and providing pain relief.

Get moving

Ironically, when you are feeling exhausted, being physically active can help lift your spirits. If you are up for it, you can hit the gym. In fact, gyms with childcare have become quite popular across the country. Since this usually is not an option, you can try following a workout routine on YouTube. You can turn this into a fun experience with your kids. Or take them to the park, you will feel better after a walk. Dancing is another great way to boost your mood. You can do it at home any chance you get, and if this is an option for you, you can take dancing lessons.

Eat nutrient-rich food

As a mom, you are probably doing your best for your children to get all the necessary nutrients. But when was the last time you thought about your diet? Contrary to eating fried and processed foods, a healthy diet will make you feel more energized. Green vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds should be on your daily menu. Improve your energy levels by including foods high in magnesium and B vitamins, such as broccoli, spinach, bananas, and almonds.

In closing

As you look for ways to beat exhaustion and energize yourself, make sure to keep your mental health a priority. Feeling overwhelmed by hundreds of tasks you’re constantly juggling is normal. But if it is not managed properly, it can become problematic. Find some time for yourself, practice mindfulness, try deep breathing exercises, and ask for help when you need it. Lastly, don’t ever hesitate to talk to your doctor or therapist about it.

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