American Holiday Tour: 7 Cities to Visit 

American holiday tour: 7 cities to visit.

American holiday tour

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Many think that holidays need to be spent in the family circle, cozying up at home. However, if you’re not a homebody and have a very adventurous family, you don’t have to stay in your hometown. Imagine spending Christmas on a snowy mountain where you can ski and hike. Or maybe you want to escape the cold and catch some sun. The States have it all, so here’s a little American Holiday Tour with the best cities to visit during winter holidays: 

Charleston, South California

Charleston has always been full of European influence. It’s a very important seaport that connects the American south with the Atlantic ocean. The marine traffic is always brisk there with busy trade—just like in old London. So if you want to enjoy that Old World feels during the holidays, you will love Charleston’s old town and its cobblestone streets. It’s full of colonial architecture and when everything is shiny and nice for Christmas, you’ll feel like you’re in Londontown. Take a walk downtown and soak in elegant mansions covered in garlands, trees dressed with fairy lights, and carriages offering romantic rides to couples. 

Woodstock, Vermont

New England is beautiful any time of the year, but during winter, it really shows its best colors. If you want to feel like you stepped into a Hallmark Christmas movie, visit the historic town of Woodstock. Every year, it hosts a wonderful holiday celebration called Wassail Weekend, which includes many Christmas lights, beautifully decorated homes, and cute carriage rides. 

Midway, Utah

Utah has it all during winter. You can go from skiing, sledding, and ice skating to enjoying amazing food in top-notch restaurants. And don’t forget strolling lazily through villages and pretty squares—you’ll think you’re somewhere in the Swiss Alps, not in Midway, Utah. Midway, AKA “Little Switzerland,” is full of gorgeous European mountain architecture, Swiss-German traditions, and even similar sites to those in Switzerland. During the holiday season, this town hosts daily events like horse-drawn carriages, ice skating, and Santa appearances. 

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen has always attracted ski bunnies and travelers looking for luxury ski resorts, but there’s a reason why it’s famous for the winter holidays. There are so many Christmas activities to enjoy there, like tree lighting celebrations, “12 Days of Aspen” events and various holiday shows at the opera. You will definitely enjoy the atmosphere even if you can’t stay upright on skis if your life depended on it. 

Miami, Florida

Some of us don’t want anything to do with winter, so we tend to run away to warmer destinations. In the States, you won’t find a more pleasant spot during winter than Florida. Make sure to visit its biggest city, Miami, and have a tropical holiday with a unique Christmas vibe. During winter, you can expect less traffic and fewer crowds, so it’s the perfect time to visit. If you think it’s too cold for the beach, you can always explore the city and eat some amazing food. 

Start your day with a chill Red Rooster brunch that will recharge your batteries and get you ready for the day. Since Miami is a coastal city, make sure to get some seafood on your plate and grab their special—Beach Bird Seafood Tower. After your belly’s full, you can dress warmer and go on a boat tour, maybe even do some fishing. Or you can go on a hiking adventure in the city while searching for amazing decorations all over town (there are even apps to point you in the right direction). 

Oahu, Hawaii

Here’s another warm island gem to forget all about snow, ice, and chilly winds. Have a tropical Christmas on Hawaii’s Oahu island and experience a whole new approach to Christmas cheer. There are plenty of holiday activities, minus all the cold. So expect to enjoy holiday lights trolley tours, city lights events, and wonderful island-inspired decorations. And, of course, who doesn’t want to take a swim in December?  

New Orleans, Louisiana

When talking about New Orleans, most people think of Mardi Gras and not Christmas, but Crescent City can be a wonderful destination during the winter holidays. The city really takes it to the max with dazzling decorations—even streetcars get their festive new looks! Expect to be a part of some very unique traditions, enjoy special events that will warm your heart, and try some super tasty treats. Make sure not to miss the Celebration in the Oaks and see all the magic of the light. 

This year, don’t just stay at home during the holidays. Use your time off work to have a family adventure and enjoy the merriest time of the year to the fullest. 

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