Goofy Ways To Make Kids Laugh

How to make kids laugh in goofy ways?

make kids laugh

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No matter your age, having a sense of humor may boost your immune system and make you happy, according to experts and parents. Nothing makes parents feel better than seeing their children laugh at your corny jokes and ridiculous antics. 

As there are various ways to flirt with your partner, you can use multiple techniques to encourage your child to laugh. But in this post, we’ll focus on a few silly ones so you may attempt to implant this feature that is learned behavior rather than something a child is indeed born with.

Ways to make your kid laugh

Watching your children grow is the greatest pleasure there is. A child’s infectious laughter may lift your spirits. Every parent is interested in learning what makes newborns giggle so they may help their children feel better more frequently and develop a lifelong link.

Costume design

Not just for Halloween, costumes are used. Decide on a time to dress up for dinner. Everyone may be wearing attire in keeping with the theme of the cuisine, such as western wear and BBQ ribs. 

Another alternative is to have everyone dress up as different characters and explain their choice of outfit. Have everyone dress in the silliest costume they can think of for the most amusing chuckles.

Freeze game

Imagine that as you prepare supper, your youngster is happily coloring a picture at the kitchen table. You suddenly find yourself frozen in place! (Silly stances are most effective.) Your youngster comes up to you and says, “Uhhh, Mommy?” but you don’t move.

Your child is prodding you, but you don’t move. He chuckles as he sprints to grab his younger sibling. Two young lads are now attempting to move you by giggling hysterically.

They will eventually give up and leave, and you will follow them when they do so! Quickly strike another position as they turn to face you. Shout “BOO!” as they unexpectedly return to you. One of the signature techniques is the freeze game. Try it! You’ll enjoy it.

Make a story about you

Educate the children on the value of happiness above perfection. Share your flaws, laugh together, and set a course that defines the following as a family value: “I’m doing my best, but when things don’t go right, it’s more the start of a wonderful narrative than the end of the world.”

Make fun sounds

Play by making silly and humorous noises with your mouth. When your little child pushes the ball down the track, you might yell “whoop” or “whoosh.” They could mimic, then you could imitate, and so on. Try to have fun while persevering through all the repetition. Your little child is an easy target!

Your ability to be funny and laugh with your child helps them develop crucial neural pathways in the brain. Just be silly and laugh if comedy isn’t your thing.

Laugh with them

It strengthens your relationship with them and their sense of humor when you acknowledge and responds to things they find amusing. Laugh with them whenever they make a loud noise, or a strawberry falls to the ground.

Make funny faces

Put your tongue out, create bunny fangs, make imaginary shapes with your hands, and make funny faces while speaking lightheartedly. Laugh out loud while you dance and sing. Your infant will smile at all of them.

Play peek-a-boo

Something about this is amusing. He thinks it hilarious if neither you nor them can see him. The simplest way to do this is to make a silly statement like, “I can’t see Him anywhere. Where did he go?” After that, remove the blanket and pretend to be shocked or worried. While it is heartbreaking how readily he can be amused, the laughing fit is always worth it.

Repeat the action which makes them laugh

When you reach this age, jokes never seem to grow old. Your child not only likes repetition, but they want you to laugh with them repeatedly.


Let loose and be silly; being serious all the time is unhealthy for anyone. Connect with your inner kid and be that parent at various points during the day while you are with your child to foster a sense of humor and genuinely appreciate these parenting years.

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