The Average Length of Marriage Before Divorce

What is the average length of marriage before divorce?

average length of marriage

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Divorce has been studied for many years with the hope to find the secret of steady marriage or be able to predict a close marriage termination at least. One of the defining points researchers and interested people are concerned about is the average length of marriage before the divorce. Although they name different digits to prove that the divorce is more likely to happen in this or that year of marriage, the formula cannot be applied to every other couple. 

Relationships are rollercoasters and you can give up and get divorced anytime you go down. Instead, look closer at the years of marriage that are the most difficult to go through, and check out the couples who have a higher tendency to terminate the marriage. This will allow you to foresee any challenges in your marital relationships and act appropriately in advance.

When the couple is likely to divorce

If you want to predict possible marriage termination ruining your family relationship or just get ready for it, you don’t have to look at the divorce rate by years of marriage. Instead, it is better to review the years of marriage when complications arise most frequently. This is when divorce is most possible.

Year 1

This is the time when you get to know each other better. And it may happen that the person that you fell in love with may not be so romantic, adventurous, and easy-going, as they were when dating. So you may question whether you are ready to live with such a disappointment for the rest of your life.

Plus, if you decided to remain celibate before marriage, sexual incompatibility may be another pitfall for you. You may be happy with your partner in every detail and moment except intimacy. This is what may spoil your marital life and arise thoughts of divorce or infidelity eventually.

Year 3

This is usually the time of big decisions that can bring you even more together or get you apart. You may hesitate about whether you can handle the kids. Or you may struggle to conceive. You may find it difficult to interact with each other’s relatives and crave independence. You may face financial issues. Or just find it difficult to set priorities in spending. And so many more. 

Year 7

If you used to have difficulties earlier, they usually get more intense at this point. Partners may grow apart over time with separate lifestyles and life principles in the end. Or, in contrast, one spouse is too dependent on another and has no personal space at all. Plus, financial issues didn’t vanish anywhere. Passion has died out so sex is just a matter of physical need. 

In short, there are plenty of reasons to start searching for Florida marital settlement agreements. 

Year 11

There are serious issues with communication. Apart from mundane topics and kids-related subjects, you have nothing to discuss. And you don’t wish to. You either go to a family therapist to deal with the problem or quit the relationship with the hope to find a better partner for interaction. 

Year 17

You are more like friends or business partners now. There isn’t any spirit of love, passion, or admiration in your relationships anymore. Your friends and acquaintances are getting divorced all around you so maybe it is your turn to consider the option. 

Year 23

Your kids leave. You are empty nesters now. You don’t have anything in common anymore. You either find what unites you or part ways for a better life for everyone. 

Year 29

It is the time when you start looking back to assess your marital life and life in general. satisfied with what you see? You may have the wish to change everything until it is too late. The changes may come to strengthen your marriage or split you up. Or maybe it is easier for you to leave things as they are. 

These numbers are relative. Similar hurdles may come to you a year sooner or later, or may not come at all. It depends on you and your partner whether you can overcome the challenges together or you decide to get a divorce for the good.

Which couple is likely to divorce

It also depends on the surrounding details whether the divorce is on the horizon or unlikely to happen in your family. Here are the couples who may get their marriage terminated more often than others. 

Early married

The researchers say that those who get married in their late teens or early twenties may be getting impulsive decisions. This means they have a tendency to get divorced sooner than anyone else, too. Plus, with their personalities still being formed and priorities unstable, young couples may quickly change their desire to spend life together as they grow mature. 

Nevada residents

These are just the numbers. Nevada state has the highest divorce rates in the USA. But it doesn’t mean that you are more likely to put your marriage to an end if you already live or will move to Nevada. 

Expensive weddings

The research says that the more expensive the wedding is, the more likely it is that the couple will get a divorce. Again, just statistics. But partners with posh ceremonies get a divorce three times more often than the modest wedders. 

Divorce history

The first relationship after divorce success rate is far from desirable, proving that those who had a divorce once, are very likely to get their next marriage terminated too. Plus, that tendency is getting more intense with every next relationship after divorce having fewer chances for success than the previous.


In fact, there isn’t any one-fit-everyone formula for a successful marriage or predictable divorce. You should commit well to your relationships if you want them to last. Plus, it is necessary to spot the warning signs, especially in the years of turbulence, so that you can tell that divorce is coming and get prepared accordingly. 

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