10 Halloween Games and Activities for Adults

10 Halloween games and activities for adults.

Halloween games for adults

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Food, alcohol, and conversation can be the life of any adult party, but the spirit of Halloween dictates that people go to some extremes to maintain the soul of the season. To celebrate Halloween would mean to party with abandon. The mischief of the moment would take the partygoer spaces where he would not have gone otherwise. 

Listed below are some of the 10 most interesting Halloween games and activities for adults. 

Bob an apple 

Traditionally, bobbing an apple is played by filling a vessel half with water and popping some apples to be bitten out. To create an adult feeling, the water could be replaced with wine or other alcoholic beverages by the organizers, guaranteed to give more than just apples.

Pumpkin bowling

A set of nine pins is crafted from something unbreakable and bowled out with ripe pumpkins. An activity that is sure to bring out the paper towels to wipe away the dirt on the hands. This is also a game meant for the outdoors as far as possible. Would not want to spoil furniture and curtains with the bowling. 

Sleepover games 2.0

Remember those night outs with friends when as kids, people went over to friends to sleep over? Well, relive the moments by enacting the sleepover with an adult theme. The water could be replaced with alcoholic drinks, and Bloody Mary could be played using the cocktail. 

Movie drinking game 

Here a Halloween-themed movie is picked out from Hollywood, and a catchphrase or keyword is decided upon. Every time the keyword is uttered in the film, the partygoers would take a sip of alcohol or a shot of a drink. There could be a twist to the theme by filling shot glasses with punch made from apple cider and pickle syrup. It would be a miss-and-go to see who gets the sweeter punch as the party progresses. 

Halloween trivia 

Hollywood is replete with instances of Halloween and Halloween-themed movies. Titles like Casper the Ghost and Hocus Pocus are still fresh in people’s minds. Arrange a quiz with questions framed out of Hollywood Halloween-themed movies. Trust me; there is quite a bit out there. 

Scavenger hunt 

The host may hide booze and other Halloween-themed items around the house with slips of paper pointing out the hiding places as hints. Playing hide and seek has been a favorite pastime with most kids, and this is one activity that people do not outgrow—guaranteed to bring out some surprises and some authentic hint interpretations. 

Spooky card game 

This could be regular Poker or Rummy but played using spooky-looking cards that could be bought during Halloween. Most gift shops would stock up on scary-looking cards for the season beginning. 

Murder mystery 

Murder Mystery is a classic party game, but it is done with a Halloween touch. The costumes used could be Halloween, and also for the other props. But pulling off a Murder Mystery needs crafty planning and a lot of reconnaissance. This could be a party that friends would not forget for a long time.

Monster ice breaker 

The Monster Ice Breaker would be ideal for parties with quite a few strangers among the guests. This activity would help people break the ice and get to know each other. The trick here is to use booze liberally, which could bring out the spooky best in people. Try out some party games this holiday season that are not in the books. 

Pumpkin painting contest 

This Halloween party activity is bound to bring out the best artist in the group. Pumpkin surfaces are not the smoothest of painting spaces. So, there could be a lot of surprises as well as a lot of creativity on display. A suitable variant to the painting contest could be a pumpkin carving contest. Equally good at getting the best out of people, there will not be a dull moment. 


There are numerous ways to convert some innocent party game into its Halloweeny alternative. The fun is understanding the activities and games and matching them with the Halloween spirit. The typical Halloween is meant for kids, and it takes children in adults to enjoy a Halloween-themed party, particularly during the season.

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