7 Money-Saving Home Renovation Projects

7 money-saving home renovation projects.

home renovation projects

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Having your own house feels like a dream, but it is not all rainbows and unicorns. Imagine having a child; a home has a lot of maintenance, and if you cannot maintain what your house needs, it might cost you tons of money for repairs and home renovations. Let’s face it, not all homeowners are financially gifted, especially during these trying times. Some are only trying to make ends meet, so how can we save money when something inside your house calls for a renovation? One way or another, you’ll have to spend on it,  but we can always spend less. 

Here are seven money-saving home renovation projects:

Make a faux minibar

If you don’t have a minibar at your home yet, now’s the best time to make one! Just choose a stand-alone table and pair it with two high chairs, buy some wine glasses and wine, and you’re good to go.

Having a minibar at your home will make your kitchen look more modern, and it’s a great spot to hang out when you want to enjoy an indoor date night with your loved one.

Change leaky faucets

Leaky faucets can cost you a lot, and we’re not just talking about the repairs; we also mean water bills. One sign that your water bills have risen despite using minimal water is leaky faucets. Those few drops of water can add up to $20 to your water bills per month, and it can even accumulate in time if you let it be, and that’s something you have to prevent from happening if you want to save money.

If you notice leaky faucets inside your house, change them immediately. Don’t wait for your water bill to accumulate before you take action. Buying a new faucet is cheaper than having to pay additional dollars for your utilities. 

Aside from the money-wasting effect of leaky faucets, a drip per second can waste over 3000 gallons of water annually. So if you take action on the first sign of a leaky faucet, you are not just saving money, but you are also saving thousands of gallons of water from being wasted.

Reorganize furniture and appliances

Millennials are avid buyers of furniture online, so how can we save money if we keep buying every time we see those big red “sale” signs? Temptations on online shopping can be hard to resist, especially for a homeowner during payday. Reorganizing pieces of furniture and appliances inside your house can give that new and refreshing vibe to your interior without feeling the need to buy new furniture or appliances.  

It will also give you a different view of your house which can help you reconsider your decision to buy a new piece of furniture.

Repaint and varnish

You might want to think about it first if you plan to buy a new dining set. Your old-looking dining table and chairs could still be usable and durable in the next few years, so it will be a waste to replace them completely when they only need some makeover to look good as new again. It will be cheaper to spend on paint and varnish instead of getting a new set of dining tables and chairs, plus you can use the money you are supposed to allot on the dining set for some other things.

Add some plants!

Another budget-saving home renovation project is adding plants to your house. Plants are cheap and easy to find; you can even find some aesthetically-pleasing kinds planted in your backyard.

Having plants inside your home also has some beneficial effects on your overall health, aside from making your house look more aesthetic and refreshing. Some of these health benefits are improving your mood, reducing fatigue, helping you stay focused, lowering anxiety and stress, improving the quality of air, and many more.

Repaint bedroom walls

The color of your room can affect your mood and energy levels. If you feel like you need to change something inside your room, try changing the color of the wall. Having the same arrangements and furniture will feel different when you have a new background color.  

If the current color of your room’s walls is a bit on the darker shades, then try changing it to a lighter shade; vice versa. 

Aside from changing the paint color, you can also try changing the wallpaper to another design. Feel free to express your feelings through your room’s interior according to your mood, and you’ll feel better in no time.

DIY picture frames

DIY cardboard frames to display photos instead of buying new picture frames. There are several DIY tips for cardboard frames that you can find on the internet, so check them out if you plan to replace old picture frames. DIY projects are an effective way to change some things in your house without spending so much!

Home renovations can exhaust your finances, but this is also a smart move if you would sell your real estate property in the future. There are several ways to save money while doing home renovation projects during the pandemic, and it’s better to make use of something you have rather than risk yourself and your family members’ virus exposure outside.

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