3 Most Interesting Venues in Shoreditch

What are the most interesting venues in Shoreditch?

interesting venues in Shoreditch

Photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash

Winter season is probably one of the most exciting seasons of the year, more specifically December is one of the most beautiful winter months. It’s actually an excellent time for traveling with your loved ones and exploring wonderful winter destinations worldwide

One of the most amazing winter destinations that you can visit is located in Europe. London is probably one of the most popular Christmas destinations in the whole world. But what makes London so special? The festive atmosphere, the wondrous Christmas decoration around the street, and the falling snow make London the ideal place to be. Of course, London is a big town and there are many different neighborhoods that you can visit. One of them is Shoreditch. 

This neighborhood is located on the East side of London, in the southern part of the London Borough of Hackney. This place was famous in the 16th century because it was the center of the Elizabethan Theatre. Since then, it has remained one of London’s most influential entertaining spots. 

Read below and find out Shoreditch’s four most popular and fun venues


Play mini golf in Shoreditch 


One of the most exciting activities that you should try visiting Shoreditch is crazy golf. Crazy or mini golf is a very popular activity in London because it’s combining the challenge of golf and the fun of craziness. So, if you are a big fan of golf, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting one of the numerous crazy golf venues around London. Crazy Golf in Shoreditch, is one of the most exciting venues that you can visit at this place. Also at places like this, you will have the chance to play other games such as board games as well as electronic arcades. Also, if you are feeling kinda hungry, there is a big menu full of delicious food and drink options. 


Visit Shoreditch’s cool markets


Moreover, another cool activity that you can’t miss while visiting Shoreditch is going shopping at the fabulous markets in the neighborhood. The most popular market around the place is named “Old Spitalfields”, and it’s the ideal place for those who love shopping for vintage stuff, handmade items, and many other weird little ornaments. Therefore, if you are a shopping enthusiast, Shoreditch is the perfect destination for you, as you will have the chance to explore a few of the most interesting markets around London. 

Eat a delicious meal



Last but not least, another thing that you must do while visiting Shoreditch this winter, is eat a delicious meal. There are many amazing restaurants around the city that can satisfy even the most demanding foodie in the world. The most amazing thing about these restaurants is that you will have the opportunity of traveling through several tastes. A warm ramen bowl will make the absolute difference when the weather is cold.

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