Affordable Health Tips That Can Benefit An Addict in Your Family

Affordable health tips that can benefit an addict in your family.

affordable health tips

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The psychological and physical changes caused by addiction affect how addicts process feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Rather than waiting for your loved one to need help, be proactive and use these techniques that can begin fighting addiction for them now. Just be careful not to let them see you doing it. Try these simple tips before your loved one sees their addiction escalate further.

Schedule an appointment with a therapist

If your family member is open to getting help, they will make an appointment with their doctor or therapist. Most people who know they need help do not ask for it, so if your family member asks for a session, set it up. If you are the one who brings it up, you could help build their confidence by finding out what kind of sessions are offered at the clinic. You can ask if they can call you before the first session or if it is okay to come in just to meet the therapist. A therapist can help your loved one change the way they think about the problem and give them information on where to go for ongoing treatment.

Encourage them to exercise

If your loved one has a problem with addiction, it is very likely that they have an unhealthy exercise routine. In that case, it is a good idea to encourage them to exercise every day. There are professionals who claim that exercising can help with anxiety and depression and many other emotional problems. Encourage your family members to go for walks on their own or participate in aerobic exercise classes at the gym. If they do not seem to enjoy going on a walk, find a way to get them out and be sure to compliment them on how good they looked doing it.

Send them to a treatment center

In order to directly address your family member’s addiction problem, it is important to have them work with professionals who can help them through the process. You can find excellent addiction experts that can help them recover and get back on track with their lives. Do your research to find the best treatment centers for your loved one.

Help them develop a support system

The truth is that most addicts fall apart when they are alone. If your family member is struggling with a drug dependency problem, it is important to be there for them. Ask your loved one what they need in terms of support, such as friends and family. Try to find people who can get them out of their houses and into other activities. If you want to help keep them from falling back into old patterns, try opening up a shared bank account for each other so that you can pay for things with one joint check.

Get them to work

It is common for addicts to turn to the same behaviors when they feel bored or isolated. For example, if they are a smoker and have not smoked in a while, they could start to pull on their old habit. Thus, it is important to find work they can do for as long as possible. Chances are that addicts tend to turn to the things they are good at, like computers or engineering. If there is something else that you know your family member is great at, use it to find them work.

Start a hobby

If you can do nothing about the job situation but still want them to be active and happy, try starting a hobby with them. If your loved one is not a coffee drinker, you may have to convince them to try it. A hobby can help keep them occupied and distracted from the negative thoughts about their addiction. It will also increase their chances of staying productive and happy when they have nothing else to do.

Get them into a 12-step program

If your loved one is having trouble controlling their addiction, consider sending them to programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Programs like AA use the power of group support, combined with individualized coaching and guidance, to get people on track and keep them on track after that. People struggling with addiction may not be embarrassed about attending these programs and could benefit from outside help. If your family member refuses to go, encourage them and support them.


Addiction is a huge problem. Your loved one will need proper guidance to recover. Making sure that the addict is surrounded by people who love them and are willing to help them will go a long way toward helping get them back on track. If there are no doctors at the clinic they go to, take it into your own hands and start helping them. Helping your loved one is good for their recovery and your well-being.

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