Top 7 Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids

Top 7 ways to thank your bridesmaids.

thank your bridesmaids

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One of the most important aspects of the wedding day is making sure that you show your gratitude to all of your friends who helped make your special day happen. Your bridesmaids are your vital helpers in this regard. With wedding season coming up, every bride should have a thoughtful way to thank her bridesmaids not only on her wedding day but also in between events.

You might not think about it, but being a bridesmaid for someone is a big commitment that isn’t to be taken lightly. Your bridesmaids will likely spend much of their time planning your wedding with you and attending events to make sure all the pieces fall into place perfectly. In the end, though, when you’re all sitting there at your reception, sipping champagne, and admiring your dress and soon-to-be spouse, you’ll realize how important it was for them to be by your side for not just hours but days and weeks on end. Here are seven ways that you can say “thank you” to your bridesmaids:

Make thank you cards for your bridesmaids

There are many ways to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids, but one thoughtful way is to make them each a thank you card. You can either make the cards yourself or purchase them pre-made. If you choose to make the cards, you can personalize them with each bridesmaid’s name and a special message inside. Be sure to include a photo of you and the bridesmaids together on the day of your wedding on the card. You can also add a handwritten note expressing how grateful you are for her friendship and support.

Throw a party for them

Your bridesmaids have been by your side through thick and thin, so why not throw them a party to show your appreciation? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a get-together with some good food, drinks, and music will do the trick. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your besties and bond over wedding planning. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could even treat them to a day of shopping. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something they’ll remember and cherish – after all, they deserve it!

Get them special gifts

Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate their support with a thoughtful thank-you gift. Whether it’s matching jewelry or monogrammed robes, give your girls something that they can look back on and think of you every time they use it. They’ll love having a reminder of your friendship long after the wedding is over. 

Here are some bridesmaid box ideas to get you started:

  • A custom-made piece of jewelry with each bridesmaid’s initials.
  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a handwritten note thanking them for being by your side on your big day.
  • A luxurious spa day voucher, so they can relax and pamper themselves before the wedding chaos begins!
  • A set of satin pajamas to make them remember you before they wear them every night. 
  • A home-baked cake or batch of cookies, because who doesn’t love receiving homemade goodies?

Treat them to a full-course meal

Your bridesmaids have been there for you through everything, from relationship drama to wedding planning stress. They definitely deserve a nice treat for all their efforts! One way to do this is to take them out for a full-course meal at a fancy restaurant. Choose a venue that everyone will love. You want to make sure you pick a place that has services and amenities that will appeal to everyone at your party.

Book ahead of time and order dishes of your bridesmaids’ choices to make the meal as memorable as it can be. It will be a fun night out for everyone involved, and your bridesmaids will appreciate the gesture. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with your besties before the big day!

Make them portraits

Thanking your bridesmaids doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most thoughtful. A big “thank you” goes a long way, but why not make it extra special by commissioning a portrait of each of your bridesmaids? This is a gift that they’ll cherish forever.

You can also write them heartfelt thank-you notes along with the portraits. A handwritten note is always appreciated, but it means, even more, when it comes from the bride herself. Thank your girls for their support, and let them know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you.

Enjoy a spa day with them

Give your girls a day of pampering. They have been working hard to make sure your big day is perfect, so treat them to a day of relaxation at their favorite spa. A spa day is a perfect way to show your girls how much you appreciate all their hard work. They’ll love being able to unwind and recharge before the wedding day. 

Here are a few tips to make sure your spa day goes off without a hitch:

  • Book ahead of time: This will ensure that you get the treatments and appointment times that you want. Plus, it’ll give you one less thing to worry about on your spa day.
  • Personalize each person’s experience: This is your chance to really thank each bridesmaid individually. Talk to the staff at the spa ahead of time and see if they can recommend treatments or packages that would be especially ideal for each person in your party.
  • Relax and enjoy: This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing experience for everyone involved. So, make sure you take some time to enjoy it yourself! 

Jewelry is must for your girls

One way to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them is with a piece of jewelry. Jewelry is always a classic gift, and it’s something that your bridesmaids can wear on the wedding day. Plus, it’s a reminder of your friendship that they can keep long after the wedding is over.

If you’re not sure what type of jewelry to get for your bridesmaids, take a look at their personal style. Do they prefer dainty pieces or statement pieces? Do they prefer gold or silver? Once you know what they like, you can pick out the perfect piece for each of them. Don’t forget to have the jewelry engraved with each bridesmaid’s initials or name. This will make the gift even more special and personal.

Wrapping up

Planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party has you stressing as the bride? Feeling overwhelmed by timelines, responsibilities, and guests? We can understand how the idea of planning a wedding is even more difficult than the actual act of marrying someone! Planning a big event like a wedding can be overwhelming, and you need to pick up the slack for everything, from hosting the day to making sure that you feed everyone before you leave on your honeymoon. This is why your bridesmaids are there for you.

As a bride, it’s important to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them. After all, they’ve been by your side through all of the ups and downs of wedding planning! One great way to thank your bridesmaids is by delegating the tasks that they are probably already well-equipped to take care of. Have them coordinate with venue staff, order flowers on their behalf, or pick songs for the wedding by yourself. If you’re still confused, take a deep breath. The above seven ideas will help you thank your bridesmaids for all they have done for you along the way.

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