Stocking Stuffers You Can Purchase for Your Children

Stocking stuffers, you can purchase for your children.

stocking stuffers for kids

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Even if your kids are looking forward to a bike, a gaming console, or another big gift this holiday season, stocking stuffers can still be a lot of fun. Here are some cool ideas your kids are sure to love.

Fidget toys

The world of fidget toys has really expanded since the dawn of the fidget spinner. And if your kid has trouble focusing in class or just always seems to need to do something with their hands, a fidget toy might just be the perfect stocking stuffer.

Fidget toys come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and textures. Puzzle cubes, silicone poppers, spiky balls, and squishy dinosaurs are all great choices. Some of them even come on keychains so they’re easy to attach to your kid’s backpack. And if you’re not sure what to get, you can also find fidget toy variety packs.


If you aren’t up to date on the latest elementary-school trends, you might be surprised to hear that the “fingerboard” is the hot new toy. It’s a tiny, finger-sized skateboard that’s perfect for all kinds of imaginative games. Fingerboards are inexpensive, and they come in an impressive range of colorful designs!

Kid-friendly cosmetics

Some kids just love makeup, face masks, and lipstick. And if your child loves at-home spa days, try adding some small cosmetics to their stocking. Face masks, under-eye patch sets, compact mirrors, and eyeshadow palettes are all great choices.

Cute socks

People joke about socks being the most boring of all presents, but kids love cute patterned socks. Look for a pair emblazoned with your kid’s favorite animal. Or if you want a personalized gift, some companies let you send in a photo for personalization. It’s a great idea if your child has a pet they love.

Sticker packs

Kids love stickers. And if you get a pack of high-quality, waterproof vinyl stickers, they can put them on just about anything! Stickers are a great adornment for water bottles, laptops, instrument cases, school notebooks, and more. If your child likes decorating the walls of their room, make sure to get stickers that don’t leave any residue behind!

Tamagotchi keychains

This one is a blast from the past! But Tamagotchi is back with exciting new features. Now, your child can take pictures with their digital pet and play games with other Tamagotchi users. They can play games and organize Tamagatchi parties, too. The cult classic game has changed over the years, but kids still love it!

Hatching dino eggs

This is another toy that’s been popular for generations. It’s a great gift for the dinosaur-loving kid, and it comes with an element of surprise: you never know what kind of dino you’re going to get. All you need to do is place the toy in water for a day or two. The egg will dissolve, leaving your child with a brand-new dinosaur to play with.

Kid smartwatches

If your younger child wants a smartwatch, they’ll love the child-friendly version. Several brands make children’s smartwatches. Most of them include features like games, music players, alarm clocks, and even calendars. It’s great to practice with until your child is old enough for a real smartwatch.

Mini Play-Doh tubs

Just about everyone played with Play-Doh as a kid. The company is still going strong with mini tubs of the iconic toy. You can select a few tubs of your child’s favorite color or give them a whole set! Play-Doh is an inexpensive gift, but it’s good for hours of fun!

Light-up yo-yos

Though few of them seem to master it, kids love yo-yos. And nothing’s better than one that lights up! This is a simple, portable toy that’s great for just about all ages. Plenty of manufacturers make them, so they should be easy to find, too.

There’s nothing better than seeing your child’s face light up as they dig into their stocking. And whether your kid is easy to please or as picky as they come, one of these little treats is sure to make them smile.

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