Top 5 Fashion Tips for Dads

Top 5 fashion tips for dads.

fashion tips for dads


Once you become a father, certain fashion pieces are instantly off-limits. On the other hand, you get a sense of responsibility and seriousness that makes you want to look more dressed up. Your kids will look up to you in every way, including the way you dress, so do your best to make them proud. If you’ve realized you need a wardrobe change, there’s no time like the present to start revamping your fashion pieces. Check out the following tips to level up your fashion game. 

Well-fitted jeans are a must

One of the things a dad cannot allow himself is to wear jeans that are too tight, not tight enough, or don’t flatter his figure. A well-fitted pair of jeans go with everything and will be a trusted companion on many occasions. Do you need to run to a PTA meeting quickly? Throw a blazer over your t-shirt to match the jeans, and you’ve got a perfect outfit. But you cannot count on a low-rise pair of jeans to look flattering or appropriate for such an occasion.

Neutral colors are the best choice

White, black, navy blue, grey, and brown are the best colors for dads to wear. Not only are they flattering and bring a dose of seriousness, but they are easily mixed and matched together. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t consider patterns too, but neutral colors will look more flattering and add a dose of style to your everyday look. Think of a beige trench coat matched with dark denim jeans and a navy blue sweater, all combined with your trendy brown shoes. Classy, right?

Invest in classic t-shirts

T-shirts are one of those clothing items that go with everything. Do you need a top to wear to the playground? Wear a t-shirt. Do you need something lightweight under the blazer for a business-casual meeting? With Terry Cloth shirts for men, every outfit will look trendy while making you appear professional. You can layer them under a sweater or wear them alone during the hot summer months, for the ultimately stylish ensemble. 

Know your fit

Choosing the right fit is of the essence when it comes to jeans and every other clothing piece. Learning to get the right fit is one of the first lessons grown men learn. As a dad, you’ll need at least one formal suit. Whether you have one from the wedding in the wardrobe or you’d like to make a new one, wearing suits to formal events like weddings and christenings will show you’re a parent who cares a lot about his personal style and wants to make a good first impression. 

Splurge on timeless pieces

Every grown-up needs to have a few statement pieces of clothing. Learning to shop smart is vital if you want to have a wardrobe that you can proudly wear for many years. A black leather jacket, a trench coat, a long wool winter coat, and a pair of brogues are some examples of staples you should splurge on and confidently know you can wear on any occasion. A black and navy blue blazer you can match with different trousers and jeans is also worth splurging on. 

Final thoughts

Children will change so many aspects of your life. One of them is the way you dress. So, if you’re trying to level up your fashion game, follow the tips listed above. All you need to remember is that neutral colors are your best friends and that you need to wear clothes that fit like a glove. Invest in several live-forever pieces, even if it means overspending a little. Invest in classic t-shirts and find the pair of jeans that fits perfectly to always have a ready-to-go outfit that will make you look your best.

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