7 Tips to Improve Home Security In a New Neighborhood

How to improve home security in a new neighborhood?

improve home security

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Home security is something no one should ever skimp on. It plays a key role in protecting the valuables of a home, deterring crime, lowering your homeowner insurance, and so much more. Good security will give your peace of mind and even save your life. Here are 7 tips to enhance home security: 

Lock your windows and doors

The first and simplest line of defense against invaders is to lock your doors and windows. But let’s be honest, how many of us actually remember to stay on top of things? Unlocked openings are an ideal easy target for burglars, who frequently seek out such openings.

You should therefore make sure all of the doors and first-floor windows are locked before you leave the house. Even when you’re home, it’s good to keep them secure. You could also go the extra mile and use automated gadgets to track your entrances.

For example, door and window sensors can detect whether a door or window has been left open. Smart locks can also be set to lock automatically at predetermined intervals to keep things right around the clock. 

Replace outdated door locks

Even if you lock your doors and your locks are sub-standard, you’re doing zero work. That’s why you need high-quality locks. Start by checking that every external door has a deadbolt to make it more challenging for burglars to enter. 

While you’re about it, check the strength of your door frames and hinges to ensure they can withstand a break-in attempt. Older doors with exposed hinges can put you at unneeded risk. Finally, as was said earlier, you can upgrade to smart locks that you can operate from a distance.

Invest in a home security system

One of the best methods to keep burglars out is to invest in a home security system. First of all, it will detect any obtrusive entries and best of all, there could be a response team behind the curtains to secure your home in case of a break-in. 

According to research, an intruder is likely to flee if they see a security camera or any sign of a security system. Moreover, data shows that there is a nearly threefold increase in burglaries when there is no security system in place. 

You could also supplement your home with security cameras. In such a situation, door and window sensors in your security system let you know if someone has entered or is attempting to enter your home. From there, your security cameras will reveal the identity of the intruder. Composite gates in Glasgow will also serve to provide your home with protection from intruders.

That said, install them in your yard or porch; they can warn you if there is movement in your yard or on your front porch. Security systems are truly your best bet. They are not expensive and can notify law enforcement on your behalf. They have a ton of amazing benefits and you can get a DIY security system that’s inexpensive and easy to install. 

Keep valuables out of sight

As is expected, thieves search potential zones in advance to make sure they target residences with valuables. Consequently, it’s advisable to keep your pricey valuables out of plain sight. Visible valuables are a magnet for potential attackers. 

That said, close your garage door, and don’t leave expensive electronics, cash, jewelry, wallets, or other high-value objects in front of open windows. You should also avoid storing expensive machinery, gadgets, and motorcycles outside. To avoid prying eyes, you could also think about putting window coverings like curtains and blinds.

Install outdoor lighting

Burglars don’t like being on display which explains why they mostly attack at night. To deter them, keep your home well-lit. Outdoor lighting may encourage the intruder to continue moving because most times, theft and home crimes operate under the window of opportunity. 

To save on energy, consider purchasing motion-sensor lights that turn on when they detect movement in the yard rather than leaving your outdoor light on all the time. The brightness can blind an intruder who will get shocked at the unexpected and most likely run away.

If you’d like to top it up a notch, there are many outdoor security cameras on the market. Increasing your video surveillance system can keep your family and your property as safe as possible, and there are several affordable and high-end alternatives available.

Close the garage

Most people take main home security seriously but frequently neglect to do the same for their garages. Unfortunately, your garage may be an easy way for someone to get inside your house. Consequently, make sure that your garage’s standard doors and windows are locked. 

Next, think about the storage of your garage door opener. The inside door leading from your garage to your house should likewise be kept closed. In this manner, even if someone manages to enter your garage, they will not be able to enter your house.

Be discrete when hiding keys

Got a spare key or are worried you’ll lose your home keys so opt for a safe hiding place around your house? That’s okay, but always think about where you’re placing your house key: is it in a flower pot, on the porch, or under your doormat?

How predictable are such spots? These are the first areas burglars will check because they know common key hiding spots. To stay secure, think about letting a neighbor or someone you can trust with the spare key. If you must hide a spare key outside, consider safer options like a hidden combination lockbox or a disguised spot that’s hard to guess.

Final thoughts

Ready to stay on top of things? Implement these simple steps and you will not regret it! Taking a little additional care and being observant can go a long way in ensuring the safety of your house.

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