Affordable Ways to Make Your Family Events Special

How to make your family events special in affordable ways?

special family events

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A family event is a non-profit private event comprising family members or families. It can be a wedding, family reunion, birthday, anniversary, summer vacation, and holiday. For an event to succeed, you should apply exceptional practices when creating an event plan.

However, event planning on a budget can be nerve-wracking. The coordination of every detail, from budgeting to setting timelines to choosing event location and transportation, makes the entire process quite daunting. Although most people think that resources must be in abundance for an event to be successful, you can still make your event more impactful and create a strong impression on a tight budget. Here are ways to make your family event special:

Look for cheaper boutique venues

It is essential to remain organized with your venue as early as possible since it is very vital. Finding an incredible venue is never seamless, and it gets more challenging with a limited budget. When choosing a venue, you encounter many options, and a small mistake can make the entire event gloomy. Your choice of venue can make the whole event unique and affordable if you consider the following:

  • Easy to Find and Good Access: A venue with a picturesque view of a lake or mountains is breathtaking. However, parents will be disappointed if they have to trek or travel for tiresome distances to access the venue.
  • Ample Parking: The venue should have plenty of parking with guaranteed security. Avoid subjecting families to unnecessary stress as they try to locate a convenient place to park their cars.
  • Accessibility: The selected venue should accommodate all members, including individuals using wheelchairs. Don’t subject families to negotiations when moving around the event.
  • Signposting: Families should navigate their way around seamlessly. Every indoor or outdoor event should have a signpost to direct people to important areas such as rooms, stalls, and even activities. If it’s a big event, you can print a map in a program and distribute it to everyone.

Have buffets instead of a sit-down meal with fun drinks

Regarding food, consider having buffets as opposed to sit-down meals. Buffets offer guests a chance to select their preferred food in a personalized portion. It makes it suitable for guests with particular dietary restrictions from the doctor. Additionally, a buffet is typically cheaper than a sit-down meal, so you can channel the extra cash to other event areas.

For maximum food safety, it is vital to ensure all food suppliers have the required food hygiene certification. They should also have Stallholder Insurance.

Guests can also enjoy alcohol during the event. To make this as affordable as possible, avoid “open bar” or “hosted bar” as they consume a lot of money. You can buy beer in cans and carry them to the event. To make the event more appealing, look for personalized koozies. They can be printed depending on the event’s theme.

Try local talents

Entertainment is vital in any event. Choose an entertainer who can fascinate all people regardless of age. You can try local talents if you want the event to be exceptional on a budget. Having local performers in your event can help you save on several costs, including travel and lodging. Also, families will be thrilled to see performers who they know or who emanate from their community.

Having DJs at the event is an excellent addition. One major perk about DJs is that you can get numerous customizable options, including setting the playlist, having a built-in MC, and having the vibe according to your preferences.

Arrange a competition or game

Incorporating games, competitions, or awards for your family event can add more fun and engagement. You can provide participants with the opportunity to win numerous prizes, such as meal vouchers, tickets to a ski resort, and others. This way, members will be vibrant as they will eventually participate in one or two games. There will also be a stimulating conversation, which can lead to robust relationships.

Allow the member to make memories

A family event is a special moment that doesn’t happen. You can make the event memorable by designing ways to document the day. Allow the families to take some instagrammable photos using their phones or hire a professional photographer. The photographer will make it seamless to create a highlights reel from the photos and video footage.


When planning for an event, it is crucial to be realistic. Avoid squeezing too much into the event, which can be distressing.

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