Best Practices for Childproofing your Balcony

Best practices for childproofing your balcony.

childproofing balcony

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Do you know that in any home, balconies are among the riskiest areas for curious toddlers and adventurous kids? You cannot ignore balcony safety for your kids when you are childproofing your home, whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a double-story house. It is more crucial than ever to talk about how to consider balcony safety for kids, especially as the idea of vertical living gains more traction and a lot of luxury apartment complexes are built in every major city. In this blog, we have listed some of the best practices for making your balcony a safer area for your kids.

Raise a railing on your balcony

The most crucial feature you should add to your balcony to keep your kids safe is a railing. Your kids will be prevented from tumbling from the balcony by a railing. Verify the railing’s installation is sound and that it is strong enough to support a child’s weight. This indicates that the railing should be constructed at a considerable height. 

Installing a metal grill or a tall wrought iron railing will prevent kids from being able to climb over it or fit through it. The ideal distance between your balcony railings should not be more than 4 inches.

Be cautious about where you place furniture

This one is a bit obvious because you’ve probably done it before in other parts of your house. Kids love to climb and regard almost everything as a ladder. On a balcony, a fall from furniture can be much more dangerous than it would be inside the home, where it would probably just cause a minor injury. A wall might be used in place of a railing, but if a youngster can climb it, it still provides no additional safety.

Therefore, be careful not to place any furniture next to a wall or a railing. Your kids wouldn’t try to climb or jump anywhere since it would be far enough away.

Install safety grills

Installing safety grills is one of the safest options to make your home childproof. If you live at a high level, it is extremely important to keep your windows and balconies covered with grills. You can go for steel grills for balconies and windows. There are many stylish options available in the market to choose from. You can find a range of designs if you want to keep a modern touch on your home.

Pay close attention to the anti-skid flooring to prevent slipping

While you are making your home a safer place for your kids, you cannot miss out on flooring. Kids are full of energy, they keep on running from one place to another which makes it important for you to have flooring that is less slippery. Especially, in balconies, you should make sure to have anti-skid flooring.

For having a floor that is less slippery, you can opt for anti-skid tiles. These tiles have a coating applied to the surface, which makes the surface less slippery. Laying out this tile will ensure your kids move on safer flooring. This flooring will also add to your balcony decor.

Plexiglass baninster guard

It is best to use a Plexiglass banister guard to prevent kids from climbing over railings. Perhaps you’ve already used one at home on the stairs. They are affordable and simple to install. For attaching to railings, most models incorporate tie straps or something similar. Importantly, installing something like this ensures that you retain your balcony decor.

There are many options available in the market within various price ranges. You should have no trouble locating a product that fits your balcony’s dimensions. This is one of the greatest options for creating a childproof balcony, regardless of the other methods you employ.

Lock the balcony door when you leave

Despite all the safety measures you may take, there remains a danger your child may be able to get to the balcony when you are at work. As a child safety precaution, it is advised that you should keep your balcony doors locked. You may easily purchase a latch from any hardware shop and place it out of your child’s reach if the door includes a built-in lock. You can even try out installing two different locks for your balcony.

Incorporate a safety alarm

Not to mention, you can even invest in a home security alarm system. It will make your balcony secure for kids as well as keep your house safe from criminals. When your kids are having fun on the balcony, setting an alarm is a great way to keep an eye on them. Install a security system that activates if a balcony door was left open. This will keep your kids safe and alert you if they attempt to climb down from the balcony without your consent.

Our overview of kid-safe balcony practices comes to an end at this point. Hope this will help you in solving your dilemma of how to make your balcony a childproof space. You can try out these ways so that your kids can enjoy themselves and you can remain tension free.

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