What Your Mom’s Body Says About Your Own Health

What does your mom’s body say about your own health?

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Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

Are you intending to inherit your mother’s shape? Her health problems? Her skin? Let’s find out how you can change your body shape. Do you worry about if you’ll develop the same wrinkles your mother has? Or after 20, or 30 years, your waistline will match hers? In some cases, you are looking at your Mom that can be like gazing into your future. According to Pamela Peeke, MD, who is a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland and the author of Body for Life for Women,  “Your mom’s health or body can often be a crystal ball as to what to expect,” Well, a free online tool such as body shape calculator helps you to estimate your body with respect to mother’s weight and body. 

Let’s discuss some factors that allow you to determine your body shape related to the mother’s fitness, health, and happiness as possible.

Your fitness

If your mother is a tennis champion or a track star, it is good for you. According to Claude Bouchard, Ph.D., director of the Human Genomics Laboratory at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, “Cardiorespiratory tolerance and its reaction to exercise training are characterized by strong genetic components,” and there are chances that you have inherited Mom’s strength, flexibility and body. In case your mother wasn’t naturally athletic, then you never become an Olympian. However, you can improve your body fitness according to your needs. Bouchard says that “You should keep doing whatever activity you enjoy, it doesn’t matter if it’s running or swimming or biking,” However, you can also use a body type calculator online to determine the body with respect to the mother’s body.

Your skin

The pimples that haunted you into childhood? You blame your DNA for that. Debra Jaliman, MD, a professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City says that “People who get a lot of pimples typically contain oily skin, which is related to the genetic,” Remember that all that oil keeps your skin youthful. When we talk about aging, facial structure is key, too. You will see less dropping, says Dr. Jaliman: “Think of your bones as a hanger holding up the skin of the body.” Moreover, using a body shape calculator helps you to estimate the skin’s body in a couple of seconds. 

Your mental health

According to the studies that describe if your mother or another close relative has depression, you have a two- to threefold enhanced risk of developing the condition. It is also said by Ranna Parekh, MD, a director at the American Psychiatric Association. You should take preventive steps to avoid it. Remember that family history doesn’t mean you’re destined for the same struggles. If your mental health is good, then your body is also well and you can determine it with the help of this free online body shape calculator. 

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