Why Bradford Is The Best City For Students

Discover Bradford, UK: Know why it is the best city for students.

discover Bradford as student

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Bradford is a beautiful city situated in the Northern English County of West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Over the years, it has garnered immense popularity for being one of the best student cities in the country. Today, it is home to some of the leading universities, not only in the UK but also in the world. There’s plenty to do in Bradford that helps keep the people busy. Bradford is buzzing with new activities every week, so you do not have to worry about getting bored there. There are also plenty of iconic spots to visit in Bradford, attracting hundreds of tourists worldwide. 

If you’re planning on moving to Bradford for your higher studies and are confused about the cost of living and students’ life there, keep reading this blog.

When compared to the rest of the cities in the UK, Bradford is more budget-friendly.  Bradford is an excellent student city that is often picked by international students as their choice of study destination. This is also due to the fact that it is pretty affordable for students to live in. 

Student accommodation in Bradford

Student accommodation, which makes up one of the biggest expenses when it comes to students studying in a foreign land is available in plenty in Bradford. Since Bradford has now become a major student city, plenty of student accommodations in Bradford have popped up across the city. From luxury options to affordable ones, the city has a large selection of student accommodations in Bradford that students are free to choose from, depending upon their budget.

Things to do in Bradford

It has a vast and glorious history that is reflected in its architecture and its people. Bradford is often listed among the world’s oldest cities. If you wish to know more about its history, visit the museums and the art galleries, which uphold a fantastic display of the city’s past. Bradford is a green city. So, nature lovers can rejoice knowing that they will get plenty of time to spend in nature. Lister Park, which is a picturesque one in the city is also home to a beautiful lake. If you’re interested in flora and fauna spotting, this park would be an ideal spot for you to do so. 

Eating in Bradford

When it comes to food, Bradford will not disappoint. Cuisines from all over the world are available in Bradford. It is exciting to know that food in Bradford is available in varying price ranges. You’ll have street food and cheap eats that are easy on your pockets and to whom you can turn when the cash is low. If you’re in the mood to splurge, you can head to one of the fancies, fine- dining restaurants, and treat yourselves to delectable food, occasionally. The Aleppo restaurant and Rooftop Cafe are some of the best-known places to eat in Bradford.

Getting around Bradford

Commuting in Bradford is cost-effective and convenient. The city is compact enough to be covered on foot, so you can move around from one place to another, covering the city’s details without spending any money. If you’re not in the mood to walk, you can also choose to cycle across. Bradford also has a comprehensive transport system, that connects all the corners of the city. There are efficient bus and train services that the public can make use of to reach their destination.

Shopping in Bradford

Bradford makes a wonderful shopping destination in the UK. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to shopping here. Everything from high street shopping to big brands, to independent boutiques and vintage shopping, is available here. There are plenty of shopping centers scattered across the city, making shopping accessible to everyone. The Broadway Bradford and the Cannon Mills Shopping Village are some of the best ones in the city. 

All the above-mentioned points make Bradford an affordable and liveable city for students! 

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