6 Full Family Bucket List Activities

6 full family bucket list activities.

family bucket list activities

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Are you bored of family movie nights and play dates with school kids and their parents? Well, it’s time to add some spice to your lives with a bucket list full of activities that will excite every member of your family. If you’re in desperate need of interesting family activities, here are a few ideas that will activate your mind and your body and ensure you’re spending quality time with your loved ones. 

Family cooking

If you want to do an activity that’s fun and useful for the entire family, resort to cooking or baking. Depending on what kind of food you like the most, you try baking a cake, preparing seafood boils, or grilling some meat and veggies. The kids will most likely enjoy making the sweet stuff but if you give them things to chop (with appropriate tools), mix and taste, they are going to love making even those nutritious green recipes. And, of course, don’t forget to enjoy your creations in the end. 

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Visit your local arcade

When was the last time you’ve been to an arcade? It’s definitely high time you brought your kids to an evening full of old-fashioned fun. Hit up your local arcade parlor, grab some coins and tickets and get playing! Most arcades have games perfect for kids of all sized and skill levels. Younger ones can enjoy dancing games and jumping around, while older kids might love to try racing and shooting games. Parents can also enjoy all of these games and return to their childhood even for a few hours. Later, make sure to grab milkshakes and some fries for dipping! 

Let’s do some exercise

Do you think exercising is not fun? Well, think again! When you gather your family and do some workouts together, you can both have some crazy fun and help your kids create great habits for the future. It can be a bit hard to take your entire family to the gym, but you can bring the gym to you with SPH home gym equipment and gadgets. And you actually don’t need too much space for a home gym—just some room for yoga mats and small gear so you can exercise with weights and elastic bands, do some calisthenics and enjoy stretching. When the entire family is exercising together, you can get plenty of laughs, do some friendly competition and enjoy your workouts much more. It certainly beats being couch potatoes. 

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Pitch a tent

You might be regular visitors to your local park or picnic spot, but if you want to do some more serious nature adventures, why not go camping? This is a perfect activity for families with kids 7+ because it’s full of action, education and fun. During your camping trip, you’ll all detox from tech, connect with Mother Nature and learn a few new things about survival in the wild. And if you’re worried about camping gear, there are ways you can get cheap second-hand gear or even rent some for the weekend. 

Go stargazing

If you want to reconnect with nature but don’t feel like staying without the comforts of your home for a few days, then you can try stargazing. Choose a pleasant night without clouds, drive out into nature and find a dark spot without light pollution. You can see stars with your bare eyes, especially when in a remote location, but if you want to make the night extra special, rent a telescope. There are also useful apps for astronomy that can help you identify objects in the sky and teach you many amazing things about space. You can even try to snap some long-exposure photos for your Instagram page! 

Have a fun photoshoot

Speaking of photos, grab your kids, dress them up (or let them dress up themselves for some hilarious results) and organize a family photoshoot. This activity will not only make you laugh like never before but also produce some lifelong memories you’ll cherish forever. You can come up with a theme for the shoot or simply go out into nature and try to take some spontaneous shots. To make things interesting for everyone, you can even buy those disposable cameras and give them to your kids to see what the world looks like from their perspective. 

These super fun ideas will definitely find their spot on your family bucket list. Expect a lot of laughs, plenty of fun and excitement, and even some educational materials. And all of these are simple and cheap, so you can even do them all by the end of the year. 

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