Practical Tips for Making a Great Travel Video

Practical tips for making a great travel video.

making great travel video

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Exploring the world and witnessing the beauty of the blue planet is probably on everybody’s list. However, not everyone has the means and resources to live this dream. Time and money are the major constraints for most people. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t witness beauty through other means. High-quality video cameras have made it possible to see far-away places vividly without compromising on aesthetics. It allows one to experience the exquisiteness of a place without physically visiting the same. 

Travel videos have become immensely popular among people in the age of social media. Today, there are many travel influencers on different social media platforms who vividly showcase a destination to their followers. Well, creating quality travel videos requires a lot of effort. From choosing the right camera and gear to finding a dynamic video editor, a lot has to be sorted. So, if you are planning on creating a travel video, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

Tips for creating a quality travel video

Creating an excellent travel video requires much more than choosing a good camera and having the right equipment. Although these are the prerequisite for quality video creation, it doesn’t guarantee success. Here are some valuable tips for creating amazing travel videos that will keep your audience hooked to their screens.

Take inspiration from reputed creators

The first and most important thing you need to do to create exceptional travel videos is to watch all the travel videos you can. Watching tons of travel videos will provide you with new ideas and fresh perspectives. Observing the work closely from a creator’s perspective is essential to learn from it. You should be able to pick up the format, clips, shooting angles, audio, narration, etc. Watching videos from reputed travel video creators will ease the learning process.

Choose the right camera setting

People often complain about the camera quality not being optimal. However, many newbies are unaware of different camera settings that can enhance the quality of their videos. It’s essential to learn about the features of your camera and choose an optimal camera setting to create a quality video. It can include finding the correct resolution, color scheme, frames per second, etc.

Not selecting the right camera setting will require many changes later, and the editing process will be painful. You must experiment with different camera settings to find the best fit for your travel video. Once you find the right settings, keeping it as default for your travel project is the best.

Build a storyline

The right story can work wonders for your travel video. It is crucial to spend some time thinking about a storyline that your video will follow. It helps to develop interest among the audience as they are more receptive to stories. Randomly showing videos of places might not be as impactful as putting them in context through a story.

Extensive research and meticulous planning are necessary for building the right story. It’s because traveling can be a little spontaneous. You might find something extraordinary and move towards it rather than following a course. Shooting as much as possible will help you build a story easily, as you will have more options.

Choose the right tool

The right video maker or editor tool can be a game-changer for your travel videos. It should complement your video creation process instead of making it complicated. You can choose from various online tools for instant editing.

Keep the destination in the limelight

 Many travel videos focus more on the traveler rather than the destination. This is something that you should avoid. People like to see a face behind the camera but are more interested in the place. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the destination in the limelight.

Travel videos are essentially there to tell the story about a place. You might think that some details are insignificant. However, your audience might disagree. They want to learn as much as they can about a travel destination. Therefore, you must try to capture everything from food to markets and culture. Highlighting the architecture, history, and unique rituals will attract more eyeballs.

Be smarter with the shots

 It’s good to shoot as much as possible to build a good travel video. However, it can also result in overshooting, which can be really tiring. It can also be puzzling to put shots together in the editing process.

You might not be able to enjoy the visit if you overshoot. Finding the right balance is the key here. Be smarter with the shooting. You can find the best hours for shooting the videos and utilize the remaining time for exploring the places. For example, you can try shooting videos in the early hours and around sunset when the light is good. This will give you enough time to explore the place without shooting fatigue.

Try multiple angels

 Adding diversity to your shots is crucial to creating a quality travel video. Using only a single angle for all shots might lead to a monotonous output that your audience might not cherish. Experimenting with different shots and angles is crucial to creating a rich travel video. Always review how the clips have panned out before continuing with the same.

Introduce motion

 Travel photography can easily highlight the aesthetics of a place. However, it can be hard to achieve the same using a travel video. Introducing motion is a great way to add movement to still objects. So how do you do that? Well, there are plenty of ways, but you need to get creative. For example, you can try using time-lapse videos to capture monuments and architecture. Alternatively, you can try focusing on other objects in the background which are moving. For example, try capturing a vehicle or kids playing in the background.

Use close-up shots to highlight the details

Using close-up shots in your travel videography is highly recommended. It will help you highlight the details of the objects/things in the frame. Getting close-up shots of the local people is a great way to establish an emotional connection with the audience using the video. Videos can be more intense when you use close-up shots of people.

Export files in the right format

You might have the best video clips from a travel expedition. However, it won’t translate into a great video if you fail to export the files in the right format. Exporting the clips with the right settings is of utmost importance. It’s highly advisable to export the highest quality files. Also, you must create a backup of all files.

Final words

Travel videos are among the most popular videos on social media channels. Many travel enthusiasts are leveraging travel videos to showcase their journeys. Creating a quality video is crucial to gaining more eyeballs. Following the tips mentioned above will help you produce a quality output without fail.

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