Why I Refused to Wear Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

Why did I refuse to wear maternity clothes while pregnant?

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Once pregnant, it is common to begin searching for maternity clothes to prepare for the changes. Not everyone is sold on maternity clothes, and I find them pointless. During my pregnancy, I chose to keep wearing my normal clothes instead of maternity ones. The decision may seem bizarre, but I had my sons for making such a bold choice. Here are the reasons why I refused to wear maternity clothes while pregnant.

They are uncomfortable

Maternity clothes are specifically designed for comfort during a pregnancy, but I didn’t feel that way about them. I have always found that I am comfortable in my regular clothes, and I don’t see why a baby bump should change that. Maternity clothes feel too baggy, and I tripped over my feet once. I didn’t feel comfortable nor my baby, so I opted to remain in my regular clothes. Despite my changes, I still found that my regular clothes fit. I likewise had no trouble caring for my child. Even in my ordinary attire, I could easily assist my baby in wearing his tiny kids’ shoes. The only issue I faced was regarding some of my tops that couldn’t cover my baby bump. I found that flaunting my baby bump felt natural, and if I felt self-conscious, a hoodie did the trick. 

Cut off blood circulation

Maternity clothes may be loose and baggy, but they are still designed to wrap your belly firmly. Ironically, this causes more discomfort than wearing your regular clothes that are becoming too tight. Maternity clothes can cut off blood circulation in the waist area, which is dangerous. You and the baby need full circulation, especially since pregnancy is a turbulent time. In my case, beyond my baby bump, not much has changed concerning my body. I found my regular clothes harmless, as they were only a little tight. They still fit snugly and didn’t cause major discomfort or cut off blood circulation. When I felt I needed something more comfortable, I found that sweats were a perfect choice.

Useless after pregnancy

There is no greater reason not to buy something than getting only limited use. In the case of maternity clothes, they become useless almost as soon as you give birth. You will find that no situation could potentially see you reuse your maternity dress unless you get pregnant again. Ironically, even during the pregnancy, I had little need for maternity clothes, especially since I was constantly in my sweats. On the other hand, my regular clothes serve me daily and still did during my pregnancy. Sure, they were a little tight, but I found it surprisingly more comfortable. Finding something I fit into and loved simultaneously with a large closet wasn’t too difficult.

They are expensive

It all comes down to price, and maternity clothes are on the negative end of things. Sure, they are worth it during pregnancy, but what happens afterward? The best maternity clothes cost as much as designer boots and dresses. Why buy a maternity dress when I can get a casual or formal dress and boots for the same price? I get better use of my boots, and they want to be around for a long time. Considering how briefly I would need maternity clothes, the decision was a no-brainer. You could always use the money to buy clothes that will serve you long-term or get some baby stuff like I did. 

Your body changes constantly

How you look in a maternity dress today isn’t how you will look or feel the next. Hormones are just one part of it, but I found that the same applies physically. I would need to constantly go shopping for maternity clothes to keep up with my ever-changing physique during my pregnancy. Already have a large array to choose from with my regular clothes, and something is sure to fit. Whenever I feel like going out, I find a dress and boots that match the occasion and how I look, and it’s sure to be a hit.


Maternity dresses aren’t always the solution to your clothing woes when pregnant. There are many genuine reasons to stick to your regular clothes instead of wearing maternity clothes when pregnant. Sometimes, what you need is already in your closet, and you just need to look hard enough. 

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