5 Ways to Tighten and Tone Your Belly After Pregnancy

How tighten and tone your belly after pregnancy?

tone belly after pregnancy

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Of all the things you might worry about regarding your post-pregnancy physique, a loose and saggy belly is probably not one of them. But because pregnancy racks up so many unwelcome changes, including some in weight distribution, your tummy may leave you with that unwanted pooch. While there is no magic trick to instantly shrink your tummy and get rid of your post-pregnancy belly fat, you can use these five tips to tighten and tone your entire midsection for improved posture, improved health, and an overall feeling of progress.


The connection here is pretty straightforward. During pregnancy, breast tissue enlarges, and it may take a few months for it to return to its pre-baby size. Then, in the first six weeks after childbirth, you lose a fair amount of water weight from breastfeeding and from the natural closure of your placental site. Another major benefit of breastfeeding is that it requires abdominal muscle strength to compress the uterus after birth and to hold your baby while feeding. That skeletal muscle training and development makes it easier to keep your abdominal muscles toned and tight. Breastfeeding is a great exercise for new moms. It is easy, comfortable, and natural for your body to get started very gently and effectively.

Try coolsculpting procedure

It is natural for moms to have trouble getting their pre-pregnancy bodies back, but that does not mean you have to go through life with saggy skin and bulging rolls. Try CoolSculpting, a non-invasive treatment that can give you the toned, fit belly you want without invasive surgery or downtime. Typically, when you go in for a CoolSculpting session, you are hooked up to an IV where you receive water iced down to around 41 degrees Fahrenheit. That water is then circulated into three different compartments in your body and cooled over time, usually about an hour per compartment, all the way down until it reaches 15 degrees Fahrenheit. You can schedule a procedure for coolsculpting in Kansas City to have your excess fat removed.

Eat foods that promote muscle growth

During pregnancy, you need to consume foods with muscle-building properties that will allow your body to repair and regrow muscles after the intense workouts that accompany being pregnant. The trick is to have a diet that consists primarily of protein and complex carbohydrates. Some of the best foods for building and tightening up your post-baby tummy include eggs, nuts, protein shakes, lean meat, and fish. It is essential to keep in mind that it takes time for your body to rebuild itself after having a baby. With that said, you must also remember that there is no set amount of time it will take for you to regain all the lean muscle mass that you lost after giving birth or for your tummy to become flat and toned again.

Stop bingeing on junk food

If you love junk food, there is probably a no better time to go on a diet than when you are pregnant. But if you keep eating large portions of greasy finger foods and fast food, the pounds will come back with a vengeance. Pick up more fruits and veggies during your pregnancy so that your midsection is still toned and tight after birth.

Try working out at home

If you are not comfortable going to a gym or any other local fitness center, perhaps consider joining a home exercise program. Working out while pregnant might seem like it is putting more stress on the body, but plenty of women do not work out while pregnant, thus, putting on a lot of weight. Pregnant women who exercise can still eat normally. In fact, exercising is healthy for everyone as it lets the body burn off some calories and gives you extra energy for the long days ahead. Some experts recommend light weight-bearing exercises like walking, yoga, or light weight training.

Belly fat takes some time to reduce after you give birth. Keep in mind that it takes patience and effort to reduce it. Furthermore, the changes in hormones in your body will take some time before they get back to their original form. Thus, follow the five tips listed above to reduce your belly fat. Your post-baby body is not something that deserves to be hidden under loose-fitting clothing, so embrace it and make the most of it.

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