5 Tips for Taking DIY Professional Family Photos 

5 tips for taking DIY professional family photos.

professional family photos

Photo by Ivan Samkov

Do you want to take family photos but don’t want to spend the money on a photographer? Or maybe you have a family photo session coming up, but don’t have time to go out and take professional photos. Fortunately, taking great photos at your family’s home is easy. These photos can often be a good substitute for professional photography. Whether you want to take pictures of your family in your home, on vacation, or at a local park, these five tips will help you create stunning family photos.

Strike a pose

Many families do not take their family photos in the same spot. When taking a photo, ensure you have configured your camera to take multiple photos of the same scene at different angles. You can also move around and place furniture on different sides of the room. Another trick is to get all members of your family in front of the camera, and then have each person stand differently from one another. This is a great way to get everyone in one photo. A study by Stanford University and the University of Utah found that a person’s pose affects how the viewer perceives their personality.

Be creative with lighting

When taking family photos, use all types of lighting to your advantage. According to Megan Matula a Family Photographer in New Hampshire, “play with the available lighting until you get the look that you want.” If you have sunlight coming into your home through windows and skylights, use it in your photo. That is because natural light creates natural shadows and will help define each person in the photo. When using natural lighting, it is essential that you are not directly in front of the window when the sun is shining through. It will cast a shadow on you and prevent your face from being seen in the photo. In addition, you can use a strobe light to create shadows on your subject when taking pictures in a room with one or two windows that are shaded from the sun.

Make it fun

When taking photos with your family, remember that people are in a happy mood. Giving them direction and taking the time to create a unique-looking photo is essential. When it comes to group photos, have everyone sit or stand on the same side of the room. That way, you can get everyone in one picture and ensure they are all looking at you. To capture everyone smiling, have each person look at the camera, then turn and smile at their loved one next to them. Have everyone laugh when the picture is taken. Also, set the camera to take multiple photos at different angles. Instead of taking one photo, your camera will take three pictures. That way, you have a couple to choose from.

Get creative with backdrops

Backdrops add a new twist to an old family photo. When backdrops are used, it’s best to use a natural backdrop for the photo. That way, you can use your objects in the photo as part of the backdrop and give a unique and artsy look. For example, use a plant or flower from your kitchen or living room to create your favorite painting. It will be a great addition and help bring out the theme of the photos. Try different fabrics and art materials to create something more than just another furnished background. You can use paint and other supplies to create a unique wall hanging or calligraphy.

Consider a picturesque location

One of the most common mistakes when taking family photos is not finding a good location. Most families prefer to take photos in a home or vacation resort. However, those locations can be difficult to find when it comes time to take photos. When you do find the perfect spot, you must know what you are doing first and have an idea of the scene that you are shooting before it gets dark. You will want to choose a place with consistent lighting throughout the day to get the best results. 

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