From Mom’s Clothes Into Kid’s Clothes

How to turn mom’s clothes into kid’s clothes?

mom's clothes into kid's clothes

Photo by Merve Sehirli Nasir on Unsplash

Motherhood is a roller coaster ride for all new moms. It takes a lot of energy and patience to raise kids. This understated job turns mothers into cleaners, maids, cooks, caretakers, and even doctors. Each day you will explore new talents hiding inside you being a mother. One such skill is turning into a tailor for kids. 

Although it is not every mother’s cup of tea based on the work pressure on her, it’s a fun way to make new memories with your kid. DIY ideas for your kid’s clothes will save a lot of money, and you can dress your kid as you like. You do not have to worry about budget or new trends. Small kids grow up so fast that investing in costlier clothes doesn’t make any sense. Recycling is the best skill you can adapt and teach your kids for a better environment. Thus, here we are to help you design new clothes for your kids without spending a penny. All you need is your imagination, time, and of course a sewing machine. 

Moms’ yoga pant turns into kids’ yoga pant

Yoga has gained popularity among adults, old age people, and now kids. This healthy habit is the best you can pass on to your kid at a young age. Thus, get started to encourage them with some comfy clothes first. There is no need to spend extra money on clothes as you can make a new stylish outfit for them from your old yoga clothes. Just take out your old yoga pants and cut them according to your kid’s measurements, and here you are ready with brand new yoga pants for your young ones. 

Oversize shirt into a shirt dress

Your closet must have one or two oversized shirts that you are no longer interested in wearing. If not, borrow some from your husband’s wardrobe. All you need is to prepare a draft on paper of how you would like to design a dress for your beautiful baby girl. There are endless styles you can opt for. Collared, singlet, frill neck, and anything of your choice.

Turn mom’s long coat into little girl’s coat dress

Winter is around the corner, and you must be searching for new warm clothes for your little princess. Why not check your closet first? Take out your old long coat and alter it according to her measurements. You can add a sparkly brooch, a few highlighted borders, and big buttons for an entirely new style.  You can add a bow to add a hint of cuteness.

Long shirt turns into bell sleeve girl dress

Girls’ dresses have no limit when it comes to designing. It’s all about your imagination and stitching skills. For this particular design, you will require a long shirt, you may own one or buy one from any nearby clothing store. Just don’t on something more than $3.Cut it into a knee-length dress and add bell sleeves to it. Voila! a trendy shirt dress is ready. You can use ribbons to make some frills or some details.

Women’s shirt into a toddler dress

For this category of clothing, you just need your old shirt. The stripes and chequered ones are ideal options though. They look trendy and you already know the comfort of the fabric. Pre-used fabric is better for the soft skin of your toddler. You can turn it into a romper dress, jumpsuit, shorts, or a simple shirt dress with or without sleeves.

Moms T-shirt to toddlers simple dress

Running out of summer dresses for your toddler? Don’t worry, just take out your old XL blank T-shirts and cut them into a dress for your little munchkin. This trick will only take a maximum of 10 minutes to create something fashionable and breathable for your toddler. Use another old handkerchief for ribbing around the neck and armholes.

Old XS shirt into a peplum top

New moms generally grow big and a lot of our clothes become useless. To solve this issue, you can turn your xs size shirts into a peplum top for sweetie-pie. If you are using a plain shirt, try some fabric painting, and threadwork on the front. You can use belts for detailing and make it look more attractive. You can use tassels on the waistline, beads, and buttons. 

Long sleeve dress into a fitted short sleeve dress

How about a short-sleeve fitted dress? All you need for the raw material is a good-quality cotton shirt. Full sleeve shirt would be a better option. You can use the front halves and back of the shirt for the dress and use the sleeves for making the belt, sleeves, and other detailing. These short sleeve dresses look fabulous with frills on the waistline, neckline, or sleeves. But never overdo it. Choose only one area for adding such details. 

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