6 Simple Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

How to make your neighborhood safer?

make your neighborhood safer

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About 10-20 years ago, people kept a check on who’s moved in next door or on their street. There were occasional get-togethers that kept people of a neighborhood united and connected. Consequently, this made the neighborhoods safer.

Eventually, social media took over. And people became too indulgent in their devices to keep track of what’s going on and about. This ignorance has created an information gap among people, which benefits thieves and burglars. It allows them thoroughly plan and execute robbery plans.

In this post, we’ve summed up six easy ways to help you reverse the situation and restore the safety of your neighborhood. Let’s check these out.



Socialize in your neighborhood

Whenever you move into a new neighborhood, make an effort to know your neighbors. Visit their house and offer yourself as a resource. Ask if there’s anything you could do for them and that they should feel free to contact you for anything.

For example, if they’ve got pets, you can offer to look after pets. Now, don’t go out of your way to mention such specific things. Otherwise, they’ll feel insecure or suspicious of you. Include such offers in a casual conversation.

To initiate this conversation, you can take a dish to their house or a decorative gift. Or plan an activity with them based on your mutual interests.



Install metal driveway gates

Metal driveway gates serve as a significant and much-needed barrier to new vehicles. You can use these devices to block unwanted visitors.

It doesn’t only enhance security with respect to theft. It also enhances the security of unexpected incoming traffic, and this is particularly helpful if you’ve got kids or pets around the house. Moreover, metal driveway gates promise increased privacy and add to your property’s value.



Improve lighting on your street

According to a survey, increasing the lighting in streets reduced crimes like murder, robbery, and property crimes by 36 percent. It reduces the hiding spots for people with ill intentions

Replace old light bulbs with newer energy-efficient bulbs. Also, trim the bushes in your yard and nearby area to get a better view.

Also, if you choose to install a camera security system, ensure that the color and brightness of the light are compatible with the recording system. Since some robbers tend to shoot the street light before committing the crime, we recommend equipping newly installed street lights with a shield.



Close curtains and blinds

It’s best to keep the curtains and blinds closed at night so that anyone outside cannot peak into your lifestyle or home routine. Thieves and burglars often take notes about the house they’re going to rob. Insights about your everyday routine can help them a great deal.

Also, encourage your neighbors to do the same.



Install a security system

Apart from metal driveway gates, it is a good idea to install an additional security system for either your entire neighborhood or your house only. You can install a camera system in different parts of your neighborhood and centralize the monitoring system. In case, any accident occurs, you and your neighbors can acquire information from this system.

If you’re installing it for your house, you can install a front door security camera, and alarm system. It is also a good idea to lock your windows and doors regularly.



Speak up when need be

Most crimes occur because people witnessing them are too afraid to voice theirs. They’re worried people will doubt them, the burglar may attack them, or if they perceive the situation right.

But being a responsible citizen and neighbor, it is your responsibility to speak up when you see something odd. And that stands true irrespective of your status, experience, and inclusion in the neighborhood. For example, if you see a new vehicle entering your area, or suspicious men, women, or children, report it.

Final words

Remember, material loss is replaceable, but life loss isn’t. If you don’t take charge of your neighborhood right now and make the necessary investments, you may have to endure an irreplaceable loss. Make your choices wisely!

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