A Guide to Becoming a Better Gift Giver in Your Family

How can you become a better gift giver in your family?

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Gift-giving is supposed to be a positive experience, but we often put too much stress on ourselves to create the perfect moment. If you are buying gifts for your family, the stress may increase because you already have a specific scenario in your mind.

However, you should be thinking about the joy of your recipient. How they feel is more important than creating the perfect moment. Gift-giving is considered an art by many people because you need to choose the right gift for your loved one. You can get started by checking out the following guide to becoming a better gift-giver in your family.

Take a sentimental route

There is nothing like a sentimental gift to put a smile on your recipient’s face. In fact, many people enjoy receiving sentimental gifts over material things. Are you thinking of making a scrapbook of your favorite moments with your spouse for your wedding anniversary? Maybe you want to help your children do a handprint project for Mother’s Day. You may even be thinking of passing a family heirloom down to your child or grandchild.

Your recipient is sure to enjoy the thought and memories behind this gift, so do not be afraid to take a sentimental route for your next gift-giving occasion.

Pay attention to your recipient

It is important to pay attention to your recipient’s interests and hobbies, and you can base your gift on what they like rather than what you think they need. For example, you may need gift ideas for mom for her birthday. She may be a great cook, but you know she loves wind chimes. Instead of buying a cooking set or recipe book, you can surprise her with a beautiful wind chime for her collection. When you pay attention to your recipient’s interests and hobbies, it is easier to put thought into their gift.

Of course, you want to ensure you do not go overboard with their gift ideas. Instead of buying a wind chime for every occasion, you may want to surprise your mom with a wind chime for her birthday and the throw blanket she has had her eye on for Christmas.

Add in a gift card

Believe it or not, gift cards are popular among recipients. There are many people who appreciate using a gift card or gift certificate to shop for themselves. Depending on their situation, gift cards can also be a huge sigh of relief. You can give them a gift card to help them meet a specific need, or you can treat them to a day at the spa, movies, or their favorite restaurant. You can even add the gift card to another item, such as a teddy bear for a child’s birthday or a sentimental card for Father’s Day.

Give the gift of experience

You do not have to stick with monetary value and material things when giving a gift. In fact, many people appreciate the gift of an experience rather than something that can be wrapped. Surprise your loved one with tickets to see their favorite musician or a day at the convention they have wanted to attend for years. You can even plan a weekend trip for both of you, but you want to pick their favorite place as the destination. The memories that come with these experiences are worth more than any item that can fit inside a box. The best part is that you can make the gift of experience a yearly tradition for your loved one.

Forget about the perfect moment

Finally, you need to forget about creating that perfect moment when giving someone a gift. You may wind up turning a gift-giving occasion into a negative experience if the moment does not go the way you imagined it. In addition, watching someone open a gift just to see their reaction may cause them to feel awkward. They may not have a big reaction to their gift because they are now uncomfortable. Remember, this is about bringing joy to your loved one rather than creating the moment you have in mind. When you let go of the expectations and focus on their happiness, you are creating a natural, positive moment.


If you want to become a better gift-giver in the family, be sure to keep the above tips and your recipient in mind when choosing a gift.

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