7 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

How to stay healthy during pregnancy?

stay healthy during pregnancy

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Pregnancy comes with discomfort, the least of which is the baby’s activities. You also happen to be vulnerable when you need all of your strength. Staying healthy is, therefore, paramount when you are pregnant. To that end, here are seven ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Eat healthily

Probably the most important way to stay healthy is to eat healthy foods. Eating healthy doesn’t just help you stay healthy but does the same for the fetus. Eating healthy isn’t just about a balanced diet or including vegetables in your meals; it includes avoiding certain foods. Sushi is one example of something that won’t do you any good when pregnant. Be sure to follow a healthy plan for every meal to improve your health. The right balance will also help guarantee the child is in good health.


Exercise is always important and even more so when you are pregnant. With constant fatigue, you may find it difficult to exercise, but you have to make it work. Carve out at least an hour a week to exercise and stay fit. If your body can take more, opt for it instead of bed rest. You will, however, need to ensure that you only take part in light exercises. Heavy exercises will put both you and the baby at risk.

No alcohol or cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes are other things you will need to avoid during pregnancy. Even those who aren’t pregnant should avoid it, making it more important for pregnant women to do the same. Alcohol and cigarettes put your and the baby’s life in danger. If you use alcohol or cigarettes normally, you have to suspend them while you are pregnant. If you are having any trouble quitting, seek help.

Take supplements

Vitamins and supplements are a pregnant woman’s best friend, providing essential nutrients that can’t be found in food. Your doctor will surely recommend some to you, and it is important to stick to them. You must take them religiously, refilling the bottle if you are running low. While having a healthy pregnancy without supplements is possible, it is important to take them to boost your health. It also helps improve your chances of an incident-free pregnancy.


Be sure to drink as much water as you can throughout your pregnancy. Peeing is common for pregnant women meaning your body needs more water than it regularly does. You can supplement this by increasing your water intake. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Ironically, the more water you drink, the more frequently you need to pee. Regardless, you still need to keep up with the hydration plan until it is over.

Regular checkups

Your doctor shouldn’t be an afterthought whenever you are pregnant; rather, you should call on your doctor more than anyone else. The doctor will schedule appointments for you, but you can still make other scheduled visits and checkups. You will need to monitor your body, the stage of the pregnancy, and all the conditions affecting the baby. Not only can your doctor keep you and the baby healthy, but they can also answer any questions you may have. Be sure to visit your doctor as frequently as you can. Keep notes of everything that bothers you and all questions you might want to ask your doctor. Writing things down like a brain dump to relieve the mental load is a great mental exercise to ease pregnancy stress.

Stick to your prescription

Only use approved medications whenever you are pregnant. Many people are sure to recommend pills and prescriptions they feel could be helpful, but you have to ignore them. Only take drugs approved or prescribed by your doctor. If you encounter a recommendation elsewhere, consult your doctor before taking it. It is important to note that certain pills may react with others you are already on. It is therefore imperative to be forthcoming, especially where medication and dosages are involved.

With all the rules, you will surely be counting down the days till you are free. You can always check your pregnancy week calculator to remain prepared for your due date. A pregnancy calculator may not always be precise, but it always helps you prepare better and be ready for the big day.


Pregnancy is one of the most stressful periods, especially considering your health. It is imperative to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy for your and the child’s sake. The tips above can help you remain healthy and better prepared for a pregnancy.

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