4 Exciting Outdoor Activities for Kids

4 exciting outdoor activities for kids.

exciting outdoor activities for kids

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There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with your family. That’s why we’ve put together a list of outdoor activities for kids along with a printable to help you make your own activity jar. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite family-friendly outdoor activities. 

Drawing with sidewalk chalk

There’s nothing more fun than buying a bucket of chalk and unleashing your creativity on the sidewalk. You can use the chalk to draw pictures, play “Tic-Tac-Toe” or create your own “Hopscotch” grid to skip across. You could even work with your kiddos to create a vibrant piece of sidewalk art and use it as the backdrop for a family photo.

Playing with water balloons

Water balloons are a great way to keep cool while soaking up the sun. Buy some water balloons from the Dollar Store, fill them up with your hose, and put them in an ice chest. Whether you play catch with the water balloons or have a traditional family water balloon fight, you’re sure to have a blast. Just remember to clean up the broken water balloons when you’re done.

Going stargazing

There’s something special about cozying up to a blanket outside with your family and staring up at the shimmering stars above. You might even want to set out some sleeping bags and bring some treats for the kiddos as you get ready to gaze. 

That said, if you stargaze in the yard, you may want your privacy. In that case, you may want to install privacy add-ons to your fence so you can stay undisturbed by passing-by neighbors.

Creating your own family activity jar

A family activity jar makes it easy to keep your kids busy all summer long. All you need is a mason jar, the printable below and some scissors to get started.

  1. Print out the below family activities
  2. Cut out each activity
  3. (Optional) Write out your own, custom activities on cut-out pieces of paper
  4. Jumble your activities in your mason jar
  5. Have your child pick an activity from the jar at random

You’re bound to have a great time basking in the sunshine with your family.


exciting outdoor activities for kids


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Outdoor activities are a great way to get your kids moving while having fun. Whether you draw with sidewalk chalk, fly a kite or go stargazing with your kids, what’s important is that you’re spending time with your family. 

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