Newborn Photoshoot Ideas for Fall

Newborn photoshoot ideas for fall.

newborn photoshoot ideas

Photo by Taksh on Unsplash

Newborn photography is a difficult challenge to undertake for parents. Balancing the comfort of the child and the ability of the photographer with your own budget and desires for the artistry can be daunting. Not to mention the small size of the window you have to take the photos at all. 

However, the theme you choose can add some much-needed direction to the process of photography. If you’re taking fall photos, there are a few easy things that you can add to your photos to highlight the best aspects of your newborn.

Use a fairy tale theme

This one may be a little out there, but if your newborn photographer has interesting props that will give your photos a faerie aesthetic to them, consider leaning into that. Some of the first stories your baby will learn will likely be folktales and fairy stories, and a way to engender your baby in those stories early is to give them a personal touch.

Put the newborn in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket for Granny or place them in a tiny bed that’s “just right.” This approach will definitely make your photos stand out from the rest.

Put the baby in a forest cradle

Taking naturalistic photos in the fall or winter can carry with it some unwanted strains and dangers. Instead of taking outdoor photos, use props to give the appearance of the outdoors. 

Surrounding the baby with plastic and porcelain plant substitutes, up to and including custom cribs designed like trees or mossy boulders, is sure to achieve the aesthetic you want. To make sure the baby is warm, wrap them in a forest-colored blanket so as to keep with the color scheme of the rest of the photo.

Surrounded the newborn with gourds

If you don’t have the time or money for complex, expensive props, there’s an easy alternative that will work for them just as well: gourds. Pumpkins are an obvious choice since they are an easy point of reference to highlight the tiny size of your newborn, but using gourds of other colors and sizes will make the image really pop.

If you want to be really fancy, you can even surround them like they are in a pumpkin patch. Also, if you’re worried about the picture being too difficult to set up, ask your photographer if they have porcelain alternatives. 

Get creative with costumes

Plenty of professional newborn photographers recommend hats and covers to make a photo more seasonal or give it a theme, and this is especially good advice for people looking to take fall photos.

The softness of autumn goes perfectly with newborn photography, so knit wool or cotton hats with an animal theme will bring out the best in your baby. It can be rather difficult to get full outfits in your photos, and most photographers will tell you that the baby will look better with a minimalist approach. Still, using hats with animal ears can be incredibly cute in its own right.

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