Best Softball Bats to Purchase for Your Child

What are the best softball bats to purchase for your child?

the best softball bat

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Perhaps your youngster is only beginning to grasp the basics. Or they are refining the skills they acquired in grades 7U and 8U. Whatever the case, you ought to pick a fastpitch bat that fits their present strength and form while also considering that children this age grow pretty quickly.

However, before buying, it’s vital to compare the bat’s certification status to the recommendations of your school league. You should grasp the rules of your school league about the kind of bats acceptable for usage on the field.

This post will discuss three of the best fast-pitch softball bats. Moreover, all three bats are ASA certified and are highly recommended for your child.

What is the USSSA?

The USSSA stands for the “United States Specialty Sports Association”. The institution supervises a wide range of child sports, including fast pitch softball, basketball, and baseball.

So, if you wonder what is a usssa bat, they are baseball bats certified by USSSA. You can consult reliable online stores like HB Sports to get more information about the best bats.

Easton Ghost 2022 fastpitch softball bat

This two-piece bat is designed for the player’s convenience. It has a soft yet solid handle designed to reduce vibrations, making it ideal for young talents learning swinging bats. The high-quality double barrel technology, solid but proportionate weight, and tough resin covering combine to produce a consistent swing speed and superb pop. It is also certified by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

A fastpitch bat with 2-piece construction is usually advantageous for young players since it reduces those unpleasant mishit ball tremors while they strive to find their perfect spot on the bat. With the pleasant Connexion+ and Hyperskin Hex grip design, you won’t have to stress over hand stinging. The inside barrel’s moderate compress and the outer barrel’s flexibility work together to give the desired bouncing effect with each hit. The standard model now has a drop weight of -10, heavier than a beginner’s bat. Based on the size and power, it may be difficult for some. It is, nevertheless, ideal for children who are massive swingers. An aspiring power batter can’t go wrong when coupled with its uniform weight distribution. However, Easton has included considerable adjustability with this bat; -11, -10, -9, and -8 sizes are available. Moreover, it is included in our list of the top softball bats for 2020.

DeMarini CF Zen 2022 fastpitch softball bat

DeMarini CF Zen 2022 is one of the most excellent bats we can recommend. It’s certified by USSSA, NSA, ASA, ISF, and ISA and offers a lot. The bat is designed to reduce hand stinging while also increasing user control, swinging speed, and sweet spot area. Also, it has a slim and secure handle, making it the ideal bat for your potential softball champion. DeMarini bats offer the best value for the money. Effortless batting is made possible by their convenient grip and ultra-thin handles. When selecting the proper bat for your youngster, consider their hand length and swing power. The bat is built of the advanced Paraflex+ composite, which outperforms many other composite materials. The 3Fusion system by DeMarini maximizes the player’s weight management and performance. Positive feedback is avoided by the 2-piece design and adds to the product’s broad sweet spot.

Mizuno Finch Jennie fastpitch softball bat

The Mizuno bat has the least swing weight. The item is a well-balanced one-piece structure designed to slash through the air quickly. Its alloy structure is distinctive and maximizes durability. This bat has received approval from the USSSA, NSA, ASA, ISA, and ISF. It is ideal for 10u children still developing their swing technique and strength. A thrilling swinging speed that will improve with time is what batters can anticipate. Balanced bats are advised for kids in this age range since end-loading is unhelpful as they learn to control their stroke confidently. Both warm and cold conditions will not damage it. This Mizuno will see a lot of action from your child throughout the seasons.


You should first give your child the necessary equipment if you want them to succeed in any sport. The numerous bat layout aspects influence a player’s technique and performance; therefore, choosing the right equipment is crucial for softball players.

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