8 Ways to Find the Best Preschool With Kinder Care

How to find the best preschool with kinder care?

find the best preschool

Choosing the best preschool for your little one is a great first step to helping them become kindergarten-ready. You’re also putting them on the path to a brighter future. However, choosing a preschool with kinder care is important for you and your family. You want to be sure your child is in the hands of a high-quality facility. After all, that’s where they’ll spend lots of time throughout the week.

Here are the best ways to find an outstanding preschool for your child.

Start researching

Go online and find preschool centers near your home or on your commute to work. Of course, you want to find the best preschool in your area. Yet, you might also consider what the dropoff and pickup routine will look like for you. The rhythm of your schedule may soon become a reality – and having a child care center close by can save your sanity.

It will also help tremendously to find a reputable preschool by asking around. Let friends and family know you’re on the lookout for a good preschool. They may be able to name a few – and having personal references are the best.

In addition, you can always go to the experts and ask ChildCare Aware of America for referrals.

Create a list of requirements

Before you decide to tour a facility, focus on uncovering your needs. Consider making a list of what you’d like to see in a program. The most important thing is that every child care program you show interest in should provide a safe environment for your little one. You might also want to find a school that assists your child in early career development by looking at the school’s subjects and daily activities.

Aside from that, you’ll want to list things you want for your child and any concerns you may have. For example, potential concerns could include:

  • Kindergarten preparation
  • Teachers’ conflict management between children
  • Extracurricular programs like outdoor play, art, science, reading
  • Communication style with parents

You might also consider enrolling your child in a private preschool because of the smaller classroom size. This aspect may give your child the attention they need to succeed compared to public preschools.

Having these preferences will help guide conversations when you’re ready to tour.

Take a tour

You can do all the research and even call the facility for more information. However, you won’t have a true sense of what the preschool is like until you do a meet and greet. Once you meet the director, ask them about their hours, fees, vacation schedules, and philosophies on child discipline and nutrition. You can also ask for a copy of the preschool’s program.

Once you tour the classrooms, take notice of the environment. Is it clean? How is the staff interacting with the children? Does the classroom look fun and engaging? These are a few things you need to evaluate during your in-person visit.

Ask for references

Consider asking for a list of the parents whose children attend the school. It may be helpful to call and ask them what they like about the facility. However, you may also want to ask them more specific questions, such as what they don’t like or why their child no longer attends the school.

You could even call your state’s Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has filed complaints against the school or teachers.

Visit the school with your child

Consider going to preschool with your child. You’ll be able to see how your child interacts with teachers and the other kids. Does your child seem comfortable, and do they enjoy the activities? How do the teachers interact with your child? Do they seem interested in getting to know them?

You’ll be able to tell whether you’ve made the right decision based on your child’s reaction.

Get your child on the waiting list

If your dream preschool doesn’t have openings, have no fear. You can place your child on the waiting list and have patience. Consider writing a letter to the school, explaining why you like it. While this doesn’t guarantee placement, it won’t hurt to let the school know your enthusiasm about the program.

In the meantime, give yourself more options and apply to all the schools you like for your child.

Trust you instincts

Ensure you trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right about a facility. Even when everyone in town raves about it, there could be something that might make you feel doubtful.

If this occurs, keep searching for the right one. Your child deserves to thrive under nurturing care. Therefore, it’s best to investigate other options to feel certain about your decision.

Embrace change

Your choice might not be the right fit for your child. When this happens, know that it’s okay to make a switch. Of course, you want consistency for your child. However, you want to be sure they have a positive experience. So if it’s not working out for your little one, be open to altering your arrangements.

That way, your child can flourish and have confidence when they’re older.

Have faith in your choice

Finding the best preschool might not always be that easy. It takes lots of patience and a thorough search. However, doing so will allow you to feel good knowing you’ve done everything possible to ensure your child is safe and loved.

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