Mamas’ Downtime: 5 Books to Escape and Unwind

Mamas’ downtime – 5 books to escape and unwind.

books for mamas' downtime

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Reading a good book is one of the finest ways (for some moms) to unwind. I hope this collection of books for stressed moms may provide you some relief if you have tried natural ways to de-stress but are still a very exhausted mom.

The One Woman by Laura May

Julie, a graphic artist, is the main heroine of Laura May’s book, The One Woman, a sapphic romance. The story unfolds on the streets of Tel Aviv, Kyiv, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. Sadly, we are not really familiar with Julie’s life or her relationship with Mark. That is until she meets Ann. Web developer Ann is a kind and cheerful person. It is obvious that Julie has affection for her. There is a real spark when their history and present meet in Barcelona. When disaster hits, Julie will be forced to decide whether to put her love for Ann or her loyalty to Mark first. Will true love last the distance? Find out in this romance by Laura May writer.

Dream On by Angie Hockman

Cass, a determined law student, emerges from a coma following a vehicle accident talking about a mysterious stranger named Devin Bloom. Although no one in Cass’s family or circle of friends has ever heard of Devin, and there is no trace of them in her calls or texts, in her mind, they had been dating for months prior to her accident. But even so, she continues to do detailed drawings of him and remembers all of their interactions until she accidentally runs into him in a nearby flower store. As Cass and Devin seek to solve the puzzle of their connection, the novel leads the reader in some unexpected ways.

The Maid by Nita Prose

The Maid by Nita Prose is a locked-room mystery that takes place at a five-star hotel and centers on the maid who discovered the body. Despite her grandmother’s assistance, Molly Gray, who has always had trouble recognizing social signs, developed a set of rules to help her get around. Molly is putting all of her efforts into her work as a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel now that her grandmother has passed away, and there’s no disputing that she excels at keeping the rooms tidy and in order. Molly is then charged with the murder of one of the hotel’s most illustrious visitors, forcing her to solve the case quickly before being taken away.

Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins

In the amusing Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins, Operation Spite House is in full swing. Interior designer Dani Porter decides it’s time to extract some sweet retribution by purchasing the vacant property next to the house and turning it into a view-blocking vacation rental after her fiancé cheats on her with their realtor and then moves into their dream home without her. Dani would really like to finish the project alone, but in order to do it properly, she needs an architect’s assistance. Enter Wyatt Montego, a staid and reticent coworker, who grudgingly agrees to draft the drawings despite the fact that he and Dani haven’t always gotten along.

Not Good for Maidens by Tori Bovolino

Lou had never been a believer in witchcraft or superstitions until her adolescent aunt Neela was taken to the goblin market.

Lou had only read of the market’s twisting streets, offerings of delicious fruits, and amazing jewels. Any human who manages to get inside will be haunted by temptation from the food and goods to the goblins themselves.

Lou is determined to save Neela, and she picks up songs, spells, and skills to assist her to go about this perilous world and get past a goblin’s defenses. However, she only has three days to find Neela before the market vanishes and her aunt is permanently turned into one of them.

If she doesn’t take care, the market may end up claiming her as well.

What are your beloved escape reads?

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