Asthma And Other Respiratory Diseases In Students

Asthma and other respiratory diseases in students.

respiratory diseases in students

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Most often, people ignore Asthma and treat it as a normal disease, but they don’t know the fact that every year millions of people get affected by Asthma, and hundreds of thousands of people die. Earlier, Asthma and other respiratory diseases were mostly seen in adults or older people, but today teens and children, especially students, suffer more than adults and the elderly.

Now there are various causes of Asthma and other respiratory diseases, but the main reason why students are affected more by respiratory diseases is air pollution. In almost every part of the world, the air quality is getting worse every day due to which even children are getting affected from life causing respiratory diseases like Asthma.

A lot of allergens in the air cause a person various allergies like allergic rhinitis, eczema, etc., which can lead to dangerous respiratory diseases, including Asthma. Various harmful airborne particles present in the air make a person’s lungs and immunity weak leading to various harmful diseases, among which respiratory diseases are the most common.

Air quality, its effects, and ways to improve it

Air quality is getting worse every day in most parts of the world, and it is mainly measured by Particulate Matter (PM). So particulate matter means microscopic or very small airborne particles present in the air. The smaller the size of such particles, the more harmful and toxic they are. They are classified into two categories: PM 10 and PM 2.5. 

Now PM stands for particulate matter, and the figure represents the size in terms of diameter. So PM 10 means a particle whose diameter is less than 10 µm, while PM 2.5 means particles with a size less than 2.5 µm in diameter. If there is more presence of PM 2.5 and PM 10 than the normal value, the air quality is very poor, harmful, and toxic. 

Now the attention-grabbing point is that a person is more prone to respiratory diseases due to indoor air pollution. This includes house dust mites, molds, dirt, fumes, and other harmful particles inside a home. Everyone thought that outdoor air pollution is the main cause of respiratory diseases, but in the case of students, indoor air pollution is one of the biggest causes. This is because students spend most of their time indoors, like schools, colleges, coaching centers, and homes. 

As per WHO, around 2.3 million people have died due to indoor air pollution making it a serious life-causing threat to every human across the globe. So it doesn’t matter how pure and fresh air students are breathing outside; there is a strong chance that they are exposed to the worst air in the place where they are building their future-educational institutions.

Like home, it is important to make the air inside educational institutions clean, pure, and healthy. An unhealthy indoor ambiance at educational institutions may impact students’ physical and mental growth. Impure air may increase stress levels, leading to depression and anxiety. 

So once again, humans took the help of technology to improve the air quality, and air purifiers were introduced. An air purifier is a device that filters the air and makes it clean, fresh, and human lungs friendly. Various filters, including PM2.5 and PM10 filters, are available in air purifiers to make your indoor surroundings clean and fresh.

As time and technology evolved, people used various air sanitization techniques to make the air inside crowded places like educational institutions clean and healthy. This was done with the help of air sanitization machines which are very helpful in the instant sanitization of a huge room.

Modern solutions

The pollution level in our indoors and outdoors is increasing every day, and the air quality is going at its lowest stage every day. In such a worrying situation, air purifiers, air sanitization machines, and other such devices are losing their impact and effectiveness. In the modern world, a person needs an air security device that secures the air quality inside huge spaces like schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc., and takes care of everything related to indoor pollution.

An air security device is a device that uses the latest, advanced and highly effective mechanism to clean the air by eliminating living and non-living pollutants while providing real-time air security. It releases negative ions, which get stuck to the positively charged airborne particles and let them settle down in the ground. One of the best parts about air ionizers is they prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, and germs, which are a leading cause of respiratory diseases in students.

Improved air quality in educational institutions not only prevents the cause of Asthma in students but also gives them a healthier environment to study. The immunity of the students also grows well in the fresh air, and their lungs also become strong. So, an air security device in educational institutions is a must to make students healthier and stop the increasing number of asthma cases in students.


When it comes to any respiratory disease, including Asthma, the first cause that hits the mind is air pollution, which is absolutely correct. But the thing is, people, ignore indoor pollution, which is considered one of the top five environmental risks to humans. Students who usually spend most of their time indoors are more prone to respiratory diseases due to poor indoor air quality. 

And that’s why we see more cases of life-causing respiratory diseases in students and children than adults. Air purifiers, sanitization machines, ionizers, and all other such devices are great weapons to fight against indoor air pollution, but currently, a person needs a smart air security device that provides complete air security and safety.

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