6 Reasons a Cat Can Be the Perfect Pet for Your Family

Why a cat can be the perfect pet for your family?

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Photo by Veronika Homchis on Unsplash

A pet can be a wonderful addition to your family. Consider getting a cat if you’re considering adding a pet to your home. Cats are great companions for children because they don’t have sharp teeth, claws, or heavy bodies. They won’t frighten small children, knock things over or trip people up while they play. They’re also kind and gentle.

Whichever cat you choose, you can be assured that it will be a great friend. Here are six reasons a cat can be the perfect pet for your family.

Cats are quiet

Cats are known to be the quietest pets in the world. They don’t bark or meow incessantly and never demand your attention. They’re content to snuggle up beside you while you read a book or putter around the house doing chores. Some cats get along with dogs, but when they do, they’re still very quiet – unlike a dog constantly yipping at the front door to go outside for a walk.

Cats will stay in their home

Cats are very happy in the home they’re living in. If you’re keeping a cat, you’ll want to ensure that it has plenty of toys and other things to keep its mind occupied. It will also like going on leash walks and playing fetch, which offers some exercise. You’ll rarely find cats being left outside to fend for themselves. For example, if you purchase a modern cat litter box for your cat, you’ll want to train it on how to use it. 

Cats are clean creatures

Unlike dogs, cats only shed their fur a few times yearly, usually in the spring and fall seasons. They clean themselves by licking, so you’ll find yourself with little more than a hairball. They don’t smell bad either. Most people think that the smell of a cat is rather pleasant.

You’ll also want to ensure that your cat stays inside where it’s safe, or if it goes outside, you will have to train it to use a litter box or toilet.

Cats are smart

Cats are very intelligent and learn quickly. You may not have time to train your cat, but if you have time, it will learn all sorts of tricks. You can teach your cat to fetch a stick, play with a ball or jump through a hoop. Many cats enjoy human interaction and will sit on your lap when you’re reading a book, looking at the birds outside, or watching television.

Cats are extremely social creatures, and they like hanging out with people. At some point in their lives, they may even come to consider you as their mother.

Cats are easy to care for

Cats require much less grooming than dogs. They don’t shed hair and have no spots that need to be cleaned off their fur. They also tolerate being handled much better than dogs because cats are intelligent creatures that can easily be trained and taught.

You’ll want to keep your cat indoors so that it’s safe. Some cats make great outdoor pets, but others will get lost or might get eaten by a predator. It’s also important that if your cat goes outside, it wears a collar and ID tag.

Cats are independent

Cats aren’t dependent on you and don’t require as much attention as dogs. They won’t be hurt if you leave the house for a while because they won’t follow you. Moreover, cats prefer their own space and don’t need to walk for hours daily. Rather than look at cats as little bundles of fur or smelly socks in your arms, try to see them as wonderful pets that provide a lot of mental stimulation and love.


In an ideal world, you would have the time to take care of a house cat, but if you don’t, this may not be the right pet for your family. Cats make wonderful pets, but they require a certain amount of training, so they don’t scratch up your couch or claw at your curtains. Take the time to train your cat properly to know how to behave in its environment.

If you’re looking for a cat that requires less training and is still very affectionate and friendly, look into adopting an older cat.

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