Best Zen Room Ideas

What are the best zen room ideas?

zen room ideas

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Do you usually feel stressed at home and wish you had a place to relax and spend a couple of moments by yourself? 

Creating a zen room can help you relax and bring attention to yourself and your feelings. So whenever there’s something taking up your energy, you know you have a place to call yours. They can be anywhere around your house, whether that is your attic, a spare bedroom, or even your garage. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to create your own cozy room. 

Zen room essentials

Your zen room is yours, so be creative and create a place that feels the best for you. But if you truly want a zen room, make sure to include some of these elements: 

  • Neutral colors to keep you calm. 
  • Natural light to keep it sunny and fresh. 
  • Plants and flowers bring a natural element. 
  • Minimalism style to clear your mind. 
  • Soothing scents and candles.

Zen rooms’ ideas you can try

Want some ideas? Here are some zen room options you can create at home. 

Reading room

If reading is your passion and where you feel relaxed the most, you can create a zen reading room. Add tall bookshelves and comfy chairs, such as an oversized fluffy couch or an armchair. 

Meditation room

Do you prefer to meditate to help you feel calm? Create a dedicated meditation room and keep it very minimalist. Add a white noise machine, candles, and a yoga mat. 

Plant room

Does the greenery help you feel at peace? Start a plant room where you bring relaxation to its full potential. Add your favorite plants and flowers, and accentuate the room with gold elements. 


Whether this is your home or a vacation home, having a zen room can help you escape for a moment and feel at peace. Create your own space where you can hang out by yourself and feel relaxed. 


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