Summer-Themed Outfits For the Entire Family to Wear

What are the best summer-themed outfits for the entire family to wear?

summer-themed outfits

Photo by Martin Hungerbühler

When the sun is out, and your family members are waiting, no one wants to be stuck inside trying to figure out what to wear. The truth is that Summer’s best outfit ideas are easy and still stylish. And while fashionistas wear stylish pieces, they often don’t spend much time deciding what to wear.

By wearing simple pieces such as flat sandals, cutoffs, breezy dresses, and culottes repetitively, you can put together trendy outfits that aren’t too hard to put together. You most likely already have these pieces in your wardrobe and are just looking for new ways to put them together.

So, how do you decide what colors and clothes you and your family should wear during summer?

Choosing a summer-themes family outfit

The tips for wearing during summer vacations or photo shoots are the same. In short, these are the basic rules:

  • Dress lightly
  • Choose 3–4 colors that everyone will wear. Use layers and different textures
  • Don’t wear clothes with pictures or words on them
  • Ensure your kids’ clothes are the right size

The best colors to wear during summer

When trying to figure out what you and your family will wear over the summer, it’s recommended to pick no more than three or four colors. This will help you get a consistent look and improve your final look.

If you pick a color scheme, you don’t have to all put on the same thing. The objective is that the colors of your clothes will go well together, not that everyone should wear the same thing. It’s best to use colors that aren’t too bright in the summer. This will make your outfit look softer and more round.

Soft grays, soft blues, whites, soft pinks, and creams are all ideal colors you could use. Also, denim, navy blue, and darker shades of gray can look great during summer.

Here are some ways you could help your family integrate colors during the summer:

Colors to avoid during the summer months

Avoiding bright neon colors and black clothing for your outdoor summer photo session would be wise. These colors give your photos a lot of contrast and can be very strong.

You want your wonderful family, not the clothes, to be the primary focus of the photos. So, sticking to shades of softer colors will guarantee that.

A little pattern can be awesome

The outfit pattern is something that is often asked about. If your outfits have a little pattern, it could tie everything together. But if you add too much, it gets confusing.

You can wear a lot of different patterns in the summer. However, to make it look better, keep the pattern to only one or two items of clothing and stay away from strong and overwhelming patterns. For instance, a slight pattern on a blouse, dress, or skirt could look nice, but having one of your kids wear a giant blossom print, the other in streaks, and somebody else in a striped shirt can look very crowded and off-putting.

But not everyone is good at choosing the best cloth patterns for family events. Fortunately, some clothing shops are always ready to help you—a great example is sun dresses for women.

Be prepared for hotter and cooler weather

Since we’re dependent on the Great British Climate, your summer family picture shoot might occur in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. Everyone should review their outfits and ensure they’re prepared for all weather conditions.

If you’re wearing a cardigan or a sweater, would you be able to remove it? Wear something beneath that you’re comfortable being seen in, as well.

In the same way, what are your plans for chilly weather if you’re putting on a short and sleeveless top? Is there a cardigan or jumper you may wear with your dress yet match the family’s color theme?

Final thoughts

This summer outfit guide has compiled summer-themed outfits for the whole family to wear. In a nutshell, below are the basic rules to guide you.

  • Choose three to four complementing colors from which to design your family’s outfits.
  • Don’t dress up in bright colors, neon, or black.
  • Add a pattern if it goes well with your family’s color theme
  • Be ready for any temperature change – can you add or remove layers as needed?

Additionally, when trying to figure out what to dress, it might be beneficial to check what other people have worn in similar situations. You can, for example, search for a few examples of how famous families have harmonized their clothing.

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