How to Plan an Over-the-Top Baby Shower

How to plan an over-the-top baby shower?

over-the-top baby shower

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As the host of the baby shower, you’ll have a lot to consider, but if you consider the mother-to-personality and remain organized, arranging a baby shower may be quite stress-free and joyful! In this guide to planning a baby shower, we will walk you through each step, from selecting a date and location to arranging decorations and activities.

Choose the date and time

Consult with the honoree to determine the party’s date and time. Most baby showers are hosted when the mother-to-be is approximately seven months pregnant—far she’s into her pregnancy by then, but she’s probably still feeling relatively good. In addition, she will have ample time to sort gifts after the baby shower and determine what she still needs to buy before the baby’s arrival.


When organizing a baby shower, the budget is a crucial issue. It should accommodate food, location, seats, decorations, potential games, etc. Parties on a tight budget necessitate a small guest list or a reduction in amenities such as caterers.

Don’t worry if you’re financially strapped. It is possible to host a fantastic baby shower on a tight budget. This may be a private event for the expectant mother and her close friends and relatives. Consider the size of your guest list before deciding on a budget. Discuss the guest list with your partner or the expecting mother.

The length of the guest list should not be limited. However, remember that baby showers are typically personal when tales are told. Therefore, it is not wise to invite people you hardly know.

Determine an area

You cannot go wrong considering what the expecting mother might enjoy. Your budget, the number of visitors, and even the weather all play a role in determining what type of setting would be optimal. Think about the following:

Residence (of the host or expecting mother): It is secluded and cozy. Everyone knows the restroom’s location, and you have full reign in the kitchen. The expectant mother’s home might be a convenient location for a baby shower, but be careful not to add to her stress with extensive preparations and cleanup. If the baby shower is hosted after the baby is delivered, the mother’s home may be a nice option because she and the baby can stay there comfortably.

Just reserve a table, and you’re set at a restaurant or café. Try to cater to everyone’s preferences, but the expecting mother’s favorite restaurant might be an excellent decision. You may be able to personalize the area with your decorations, but the venue’s personnel may be able to assist with the majority of the arrangements.

Outdoors: If you can access a beautiful outdoor setting nearby, this could be a fantastic alternative! Consider having a picnic in a calm park or setting a dessert spread on a table beside a gorgeous lake. Consider the mother-to-favorite activities. Would she enjoy relaxing at a day spa with her family? Or would you rather participate in an arts and crafts workshop?

If you are coworkers, it is worthwhile to take an hour or two to celebrate the birth of a new child. Determine whether there is a secluded area that you can adorn uniquely.

Choose a baby shower motif

After completing the essentials, it’s time to arrange the party! There may appear to be an overwhelming number of tasks, but one of your first selections, choosing a theme, can influence the others.

Although it’s not required, many hosts believe having a baby shower theme is beneficial. From the invites to the decorations, a theme helps bring everything together.

Plan the cuisine and ambiance

Approximately three weeks before the baby shower, these particulars should be finalized. Purchase non-perishable decorations (such as flowers, which should be purchased the day of the event) and prepare or purchase place cards. Finalize the menu with the honoree’s preferences in mind. Tacos and nonalcoholic margaritas may appeal to expectant mothers who enjoy Mexican food. In case the planning process is too hard for you to keep together, consider getting some professional help from related experts like Premier Staff which is event staffing in Los Angeles to come out and cater to your shower and make things less stressful on your end.

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