How To Prep Your Home and Garden For Summer Holiday Fun

How to prep your home and garden for summer holiday fun?

summer holiday fun in the garden

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From taking care of the kids to getting the house ready, the hustle and bustle of family life can get in the way of planning for the upcoming sunny season. But your home and garden deserve some protection from the increased wear and tear of the summer months. That’s why in this article we’ll take a look at:

  • Easy ways to get the house summer-ready
  • Prepping the garden for fun in the sun
  • Fun activities & things do to with the kids

So, stay tuned as we talk all things summer prep, leaving you time to focus on making memories with the family this year.

Easy ways to get the house summer-ready

Over the year, our homes can fill up with more stuff, and the dust and debris can gather in unseen places. Having an annual clean, whether in spring or summer, is a great way to make your home ready for the year ahead. Plus, it might make it easier to see what needs cleaning up after all the summer fun!

Declutter & clean up

With longer days and sunlight filling the house, it can be easier to see that the clutter has multiplied over winter and spring. Not only can this clutter create a busy-looking and stressful environment, but it can also harbor dust, dirt, and allergens from pollen. 

Start decluttering in the kitchen and lounge as they are the most likely to be used by all your family, before moving on to the rest of the house. Divide your stuff into piles as you organize it by what you want to keep, donate, sell or relocate. You might need to purchase extra storage, such as tubs and boxes to accomplish this.

Once you’ve decluttered, have a deep clean on the high traffic areas, then focus on any concealed areas, such as behind the furniture and underneath rugs. Don’t forget things like light switches, skirting boards, the inside of the bin, inside the fridge, and the cooker hood, as these can accumulate a lot of dust and germs.

Choose breathable textiles

Summer is the perfect time to update the textiles in your home with lighter, more breathable fabrics. Say goodbye to woolly winter blankets, warm bed linens, and furry cushions, and hello to textiles such as bamboo or cotton, which are much lighter and cooler.

Prepping the garden for fun in the sun

Besides mowing the lawn and pruning back any overgrown trees or shrubs, there are other things you can do to create a clean, tidy and safe area for your family and friends to visit:

Clean up

This could mean scrubbing your deck and patio slabs, sweeping up errant leaves, or removing all the cobwebs. Anything you can do to make your outside space feel cleaner and less messy will help improve the atmosphere and help your family have worry-free fun.

Repair & paint fences 

Garden fences and gates always take a battering over winter, so whether your fence looks a little lackluster or is falling apart, now’s the perfect time to fix it. Start by replacing any missing panels, cleaning up areas of dirt, and trimming or mowing around the border to neaten everything up.

Some people like to stain or paint their fence each summer to seal it and prolong its life. It isn’t always necessary, but it sure looks smart and welcoming.

Create garden zones 

A great way to make the most out of your garden, especially if you’ve got kids and pets, is to divide your garden into separate zones. It all depends on your space and your family’s needs, but some garden zone ideas include:

  • Dining area for chairs and tables
  • Play area for the kids 
  • Decking area for outdoor sofas & lounging
  • BBQ zone 
  • Space for raised beds or veggie plots
  • Kids gardening area 

You don’t have to create physical borders between zones, but it can be beneficial and add privacy to certain areas of the garden. One way to do this is by using long, rectangular planters filled with tall plants, using decorative screens, or creating additional paths and plant beds.

Fun activities & things do to with the kids

A lot of us are struggling with the cost of living at the moment, so holidays or loads of days out, may not be an option. But if you’ve got a garden, there is still plenty of fun to be had this summer:

Go camping  

Yes, camping in the garden is a great way to make lasting memories with your kids whilst teaching them valuable practical skills. It’s a novelty for the kids, so they’ll have loads of fun. You could even let them invite their friends for a sleepover and keep all the mess and fun-filled chaos outside!

Host a DIY summer carnival 

Having a DIY carnival is a great way to celebrate the warm weather, and it’s not as expensive as you think. You could DIY a few Carnival games like Tin Can Alley, Bean Bag Toss, and Ring Toss, and add in activities such as face painting and apple bobbing whilst barbequing some delicious food.

Have a water fight

Admittedly, this one is a bit messy, but water is not harmful to you or your garden, so as long as no one gets too rowdy, this is a safe, fun family activity. You could fill up some water balloons or reuseable water bombs, or just use sponges and super soakers to battle across the yard and have a great time.

Make a blanket fort

On summer days when the weather is bleak, a blanket fort is a great option for indoor fun. Using blankets, pillows, and whatever furniture you can, your fort can be as big as you like. Then just fill it with fun things such as films, board games, books, snacks, and more for hours of fun.

Now you know how to get your home and garden ready for summer alongside a few ideas to help make the summer, fun. What are you going to try first?

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