5 Devices to Consider Purchasing for Your Child

5 devices to consider purchasing for your child.

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In this digital age, it’s challenging to maintain control over how much time your child spends with technology. It’s not uncommon for kids to receive hand-me-down smartphones from their older siblings or younger cousins. The prevalence of tech in homes and schools means that children are practically growing up with computers on their phones and tablets. That being said, there is a positive side to the many advantages of technology. It can be used as a valuable educational tool for kids old enough to understand its value and usage properly. Parents know that monitoring what their children watch online is crucial to keeping them safe and developing an appropriate digital literacy. Take a look at the following devices if you want your child to have the best mix of new technologies while protecting their innocence.


A Chromebook is a lightweight laptop/tablet that has all the smartphone features. Chromebooks are known for their fast boot-up times, long battery life, and security features. If you want to give your child access to the internet, apps, and games in a safe environment, then a Chromebook is an ideal choice for children. It’s easy to set up and use, it can be used as a tablet or laptop, and can be quickly taken with you when you travel. By placing a GPS tracking device in the Chromebook, parents can monitor their children’s location while on school or camp trips.

Asus Chromebit

It’s possible to give your child access to the internet in a safe environment with a Chromebit. These devices are like a small computer that can be plugged into your TV or monitor and used as your kid’s computer. Although it won’t have the power of an actual laptop, it can run Chrome OS, which is very similar to Windows 10. This means that you can give your child access to all the same software as you do, and they will be able to use it just like they would on their laptop or desktop.

Nintendo Switch

If your child already has access to a gaming console, this is an excellent choice. The Switch enables them to play games anywhere they want by connecting to a TV and docking the console to be placed in a table mode. The Switch can also be used as a portable device with its built-in kickstand, which makes it easy to take on the go.

Amazon Fire TV

If you want to give your child access to the internet, but you don’t want them to have the whole internet experience, then this is a good choice. The Fire TV allows your child to access all of their usual apps and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Your child can even use apps that require an Amazon account if they only want to watch videos or movies on their TV.


If you are worried about what types of content your child will be accessing on their tablet or phone, the Kindle is a perfect choice for them. It has the same user interface as other devices and has no restrictions for reading books or accessing apps. It’s also great if you are worried about your child stealing your device or leaving it somewhere they shouldn’t be able to get access to it.


The iPad is another good choice if you are worried about what types of apps and games your kids will be playing on their devices. Although it may seem like there are fewer restrictions than with other devices, there are still plenty of parental controls available so that you can limit what kind of content your children can access. The iPad also has an excellent camera that enables video calls between parents and children without any issues. With an iPad, kids can also use the iMessage application, which allows them to send messages to anyone they want without being in the exact location.


When it comes to buying a new device for your child, there are many different options. However, no matter what device you choose, you must ensure that your child is using it safely. By ensuring that your child is using an appropriate device for their age and activity level, you can rest assured knowing that they will be safe and secure while using the device.

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