7 Cute Themes for a Baby’s Nursery Room

7 cute themes for a baby’s nursery room.

cute themes for a baby's nursery room

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Designing your baby’s first bedroom space is a fun and exciting adventure. There are so many cute wall decorations and furniture items available. Start your journey by choosing a theme that can help you more easily find the perfect decor. 

Here are seven cute themes to consider for your baby’s nursery room.

Watercolor florals

Choosing a watercolor theme gives a nursery more elegance. Watercolor florals are perfect for adorable baby girls and even toddlers. Find gorgeous baby blankets in pinks, yellows, and whites. 

There are many floral options available that don’t compromise comfort or softness. You can even find floral wall decorations, beautiful knick-knacks, and soft, fluffy rugs. Watercolor florals are relaxing and eye-catching, giving your baby something to engage with as they fall asleep each night.


Not every theme has to be explicitly for boys or girls. If you’re not sure of the baby’s gender yet or don’t want to put any expectations on them, choose a gender-neutral theme. Consider using grays, browns, yellows, and greens. 

A gender-neutral theme is simple and easy and can be used for future babies in your home. You may be worried about a gray color palette being boring or unexciting. However, a gender-neutral theme can easily incorporate cute animals or other cartoon characters.

Ocean adventure

Don’t miss out on the chance to give your baby an ocean adventure every time they lie down to sleep. Find amazing wall decor of shells, lighthouses, boats, and whales. You can even paint a gorgeous water scene right onto the nursery walls. Blue and green are calming colors that can softly lull the baby. 

Depending on your preferences, you can easily add mermaids or fishermen to better interest your baby boy or girl. This is a popular theme that can easily be modified to your unique tastes.

Jungle animals

Find cute plushies of giraffes, elephants, and toucans for your baby to play with and enjoy. You can also decorate your walls with tall grasses and a blazing sun. 

Consider using custom wall decor to create a scene unique to your nursery. Turn your own drawings or important family photos into decorations that can easily be attached to the wall. A room’s wall art tells a story and excites the baby when you’re not there. Keep your infant comfortable and entertained with a theme that will interest them for months if not years.

Outer space

Outer space is a great option if you’re looking for a theme for your baby to grow into. Decorate the room with twinkling stars, planets, spaceships, and astronauts. Find the perfect rugs and wall decor items in deep blues and golds. 

You can decorate the room with the moon and sun or choose planets further away. An outer space theme allows your baby to explore space and all its mysteries from the safety and comfort of their nursery.

Magical rainbows

A rainbow theme is the best choice if you want bold swaths of color in your nursery. This theme can easily be made more personalized based on your baby’s gender. Add magical castles and princesses or lots of animals and even farmers. Paint a huge mural across the room and find cute rugs and throws in similar colors. You won’t have a hard time finding a rainbow mobile or building blocks that fit your theme. Avoid overstimulating your baby and instead invest in some neutral furniture items that will even out the room.

Mickey Mouse

There’s a reason Mickey and Minnie Mouse have persisted as two of the most popular children’s figures. Many children become obsessed with Mickey Mouse as they grow into toddlers. This timeless Disney character has enchanted children for generations. 

Find bedsheets, decals, and figurines of your favorite Disney character. There are plenty of adorable toys and furniture that your child will love to use as they get older. You should consider a Mickey Mouse theme if you enjoy Disney yourself and want your baby to as well.


Finding the right theme for your nursery can feel overwhelming. By carefully considering your options and your aesthetic preferences, you can easily design the perfect room for your new baby.

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