7 Activities to Help Re-Connect With Your Child This Summer

How to re-connect with your child this summer?

re-connect with your child

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The summer holidays are here, and you can’t help but think about when it will be over so that your kids can go back to school. You might feel restless because you do not know what activities you can do together and if you know some, you keep wondering if they will enjoy it. Do not stress yourself trying to figure out what to do, as below is a list of seven activities to help re-connect with your child this summer.

Play school

Try to break the rules this summer and let your child be in charge for once. You can play games whereby they are in control, like, for instance, playschool. Your child should be the teacher, and you the student, and do what they tell you. Make some mistakes that will see them laugh and enjoy all through.

Paint your house

Another favorite activity is painting your house together with your child. Involve them to help out without thinking that they will get dirty. Avoid giving out rules here and just let them copy what you are doing and enjoy painting.

You can use limewash to paint both the interior and exterior of your house, giving it a unique look. Once you finish, appreciate your child’s work, and you can be sure it will have a lasting impression on your child.

Have a dance party

You can plan a dance party by taking out your music list you had or turning on the Alexa and just dancing. Tell your child to choose the type of music they prefer and then play it to make it more enjoyable. When you join in the dance, it will be pleasant, and your home will be lively with laughter and joy.

It is also a way of creating memories with your family that will help you re-connect with your child.

Do storytime

Children love listening to stories, especially the funny ones that will leave them laughing their hearts out. Plan a storytime and let your child sit comfortably and read aloud to make it more interesting if the story is about an animal character like a Lion, then make the roaring sound.

You will be delighted to see your child open their eyes wide, laugh, and even copy the roaring sound you just made. Once you finish, tell your child to choose the story they would like to read. All these depend on the age your child has attained and if they can read.

Go on a night walk

If you are used to taking a walk in the afternoon or evening hours with your child, you can change and go for a knight walk. It will be a whole new experience for your child as everything is quiet, the moon is out, and they can see new nature activities like the fireflies and others.

It would be best to plan the night walk to ensure you have the correct attire for the night walk. It is safe to wear reflective gear like bands and vests and have a headlamp to make everyone visible. Your child will always look forward to the nighttime walk to wear their gear and have a great time with you.

Set an art show

You can engage in drawing different kinds of pictures from animals, houses, and many more. Make them look more appealing by coloring each picture the display around. If your child loves hanging pictures in their rooms, let them listen as they explain their art.

You can also plan a modeling competition with your child. Cut some few pieces of old clothing and design them to suit your sense of fashion. Take turns to walk around showcasing how your outfit is.

Fly a pretend airplane

It might sound childish, but what a fun and great way to enjoy your day. Re-arrange your living room and line some few chairs for passengers. Carry a luggage bag and pretend you are traveling and your child is the pilot. Ask for assistance in tying up your protective belt and flying to your destination.

Your child will enjoy all these, especially when dressed in pilot gear. It will not only create memories but help you re-connect.


Your child has spent most of the time doing assignments, following every instruction you give out, like cleaning the dishes before 10 am, removing trash very early in the morning, etc. Break the rules this summer and enjoy the activities listed to help you re-connect with your child.

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