Work at Home Jobs You Can Do Using Your Mobile Phone

What work-at-home jobs can you do using your mobile phone?

work-at-home jobs

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Going back to 1876, when Graham Bell won the U.S patent for the telephone, no one would have thought it would become one of the most versatile tools for people. Of course, the telephone has gone through a lot of modifications, and now we are in the generation of mobile phones where we all learn about happenings in other parts of the world right in the corner of our bedroom.

Mobile phones have been integrated into people’s way of life, and it is becoming evident that some people can’t survive without them; they use them as a source of income or to overcome depression. Mobile phones are now an extension of the global market, so if you don’t have a personal computer, do not worry; we have some amazing home jobs you can do with your mobile phone.

Jobs you can do with your mobile phone at home

Research has it that the number of hybrid employees is slowly catching up with in-house employees, and as a matter of fact, it could catch up with it this year because 44 percent of U.S employees prefer the hybrid work model compared to 51 percent of employees who are against it.

This shows that most people are working from, but is it safe to say some of these people have no personal computer and are using their mobile phones for work. Of course, some companies provide laptops, but some do not, and employees who have no laptops have to get the job done or risk going out of their jobs.

Mobile phones are the rescue plan of many hybrid employees, and that has been possible due to sim-only deals which give them the perfect tariff plan and stable internet connection for their mode of work.

Uber driver

If you love driving and you have a driver’s license with a clean background, then this is a perfect job for you. Uber allows people who have a car to use their platform to render service to people who need it; with your car, you can register under Uber as a driver. After your registration, you can proceed to offer rides and earn from the process.

All you need is your mobile phone and a stable internet connection for availability and bookings. Uber has a percentage they charge on each trip you make, which is very low compared to what you will go home with.


You do not need a professional camera to be a renowned photographer; with your smartphone and a good eye for detail with some editing apps, you can rule the world of photography. If you love nature or any aspect of photography, give it a shot with your mobile phone.

You can monetize this skill by partnering with platforms like Shutterstock or FOAP. With Shutterstock, you can earn up to 15 to 40 percent commission per picture you sell, while you can make up to 50 percent commission on FOAP. Similarly, you can mint your pictures and sell them off as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on platforms like Opensea or Rarible.

NFTs are sold in Ethereum, and one Ethereum as of 29th of April, 2022, is $2,855.31.


With editing apps like Inshot, making YouTube videos has been made easy. With your mobile phone, you can record your content and edit it to your taste before uploading it to your channel. YouTube pays per view, so you might want to partner with social media influencers to earn active subscribers for your channel.

YouTube pays a whopping $2,000 to $3,000 per 1 million views, and if you have side gigs like adverts and promotions, you earn more.

Social media influencer

What job is more profitable and easy to do at home than influencing? As a social media influencer, you only need a mobile phone, a stable internet connection, and huge numbers of followers. Your job is to influence your huge followers to act based on your recommendation.

You can recommend a product based on the gig you receive from the company, and your followers will act based on it to get the product. You get paid based on agreement; it could be based on the number of posts you make per week or how well the product sells in the market.


Right from the existence of the telephone in 1876, it has become an integral part of our livelihood. After a series of modifications, it has established itself as an item most people can’t do without. Mobile phones provide your access to the global marketplace, and with them, you can make a living from the corner of your bedroom. Jobs like photography, driving, and influencing are a few of the jobs you can do with a phone to earn a living.

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