Pros and Cons of living in Laval

Pros and cons of living in Laval, in Quebec.

living in Laval

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Are you planning to move to Laval? It is considered a good city in Quebec, while sometimes we also call it a suburb of Montreal. Either way, it offers a little bit of a different living experience. While it offers some amazing advantages, there are some disadvantages of living in Laval. So, here we will be discussing the pros and cons of living in the 13th largest city in Canada.

Pros of living in Laval

The following are some pros of living in Laval

Affordable housing

One of the most attractive things about living here is its affordable housing. The housing price here is comparatively cheaper than in most areas in Quebec.

Lots of tourist attractions

Laval is a place with a lot of tourist attractions. So, if you love to explore different places, Laval is the right city for you. Here you will find everything from natural parks to museums to golf clubs and mountains.

Affordable education system

Many things are attractive for students to move and live in Laval. One of them is a cheap education. The good part is that the educational system offers top-notch quality despite being very cheap.

Diverse economy

In Laval, many different companies have now set their roots in its market. Now this area is full of shopping malls and warehouses, and it has industrial parks as well. In this way, the retail sector makes Laval have a diverse economy.

Good transportation

Whether you go on the public transport system or cycling around the city, you will have a good experience. In addition to these, the metro railway makes moving across the city even cheaper.

Cons of living in Laval

Below are some cons of living in Laval

High tax

The income taxes, as well as the sales taxes, are both very high in Laval. So, whenever you buy something, be aware that you pay almost 16% as tax. Also, keep in mind the taxes you are paying for your income.

Unbearable winters

The winter season is very problematic here. You get increased heating bills because the winters and especially winter storms can be extremely cold. It also affects the road network of Laval.

Not the best infrastructure

Another major con to note about living in Laval is the condition of its infrastructure. Most of the time, you will note that the buildings are under repair or need it. The sewer system is not good at all as well.

The bad state of roads

The winter storms and bad infrastructure lead roads in Laval to a bad state. Most of the time roads will not be comfortable for moving which often becomes the reason for traffic jams. Similarly, repairing works for buildings results in road blockages.

Shortage of doctors

Believe it or not but there is a shortage of doctors in Laval. Around 35% of families living here do not have a family doctor. So, it might be difficult finding one for you as well.

Final verdict

Laval is a very welcoming place because of its natural landscape and other benefits of living here. However, with all of these fascinating benefits, there are some demerits to living in Laval. So, your final decision might depend on how different factors are affecting your personal experience.

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