Best Examples For Teen Resume in 2022

Best examples for teen resume in 2022.

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Most teenage jobs now demand that you present a CV. However, as a teen, you are not likely to be an expert in resume writing. It can be tricky to write a flawless resume, especially when you do not have much previous work experience to show in your cv. Do not worry because this article has you covered. The example and advice below should help you make a good resume and explain what to add to a CV for a teen without any professional experience to attract prospective employers.

Sections you should include

To begin creating a teenager cv, gather all of the details you have in one place. This contains the following:

  • Header
  • Objective
  • Expertise
  • Education
  • Internship
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Certificates
  • Extracurricular
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Volunteering

Begin with the header

The very first thing your employer reads is the header. Your recruiting executives will choose your resume only if the header is excellent.

Here is an example of a good header-

Mary Jane


Skills to add

Employers will be able to quickly assess your abilities due to the skills part. There should be no more than 3 lines in this section.

Make sure to go through the job description thoroughly and make a list of important skills that apply to the position. Provide any technical expertise you have in the technical skills section.


Since you do not have past experience and are currently looking for your first work, you will include an objective in your cv. Those who have previous experience and are searching for a different position include the summary part.

Rather than expressing what you want from an employer in your objective area, highlight how much you can offer the company as the perfect choice.

Full resume example for a teen

Marry Jane

1245, West San Jose


Professional Objective

A hard-working person who pays attention to the tiniest details. Experienced multi-tasker who has worked as a volunteer for a variety of organizations. As a new employee, I’m eager to learn and expand my knowledge while also contributing to the success of the firm.

Work Experience

Volunteer experience

  • Our West San Jose Community Makes a Difference! (2018-2019)
  • More than three times as many people donated to our campaign compared to prior ones.
  • The volunteers worked together to come up with creative solutions to difficulties that they encountered.
  • Donations were solicited by using social media accounts to connect with additional people.
  • Implemented fresh approaches to the organization’s operation.


  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Detail-oriented

Academic Achievements

  • Wonder high school, Ongoing
  • Team leader of group activity
  • Secured third in an art competition
  • Won the best presentation award
  • Secured third in an art competition
  • Head of sports club
  • GPA – 3.5/4


French – Basic

English – Intermediate


Finally, you know how to make a teenage resume; you should make sure it’s a single-page resume, and everything is precise. If you get stuck at any point while making it, you can always look at teen resume examples and take references. With an appealing resume, you will land your first job in no time.

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