Great Second Career Ideas for Working Moms 

Great second career ideas for working moms.

second career ideas

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As soon as women become mothers, their view of the world changes. Since being a mother is already a full-time job, having a career can often become hard. This is especially hard if your currency work doesn’t allow flexible working hours, enough vacation days, or any other kind of flexibility and security. So, it is not surprising that many women after becoming mothers decide to find security and flexibility in other careers. If you recognize yourself in this, here are some great second career ideas that you can explore. 

Web development

The IT industry is growing by the second and it holds many great careers. One such career is web development. In this position, you would be responsible for making websites and you would have to learn a needed programing language. But don’t worry, there are plenty of great courses that can grant you knowledge, skill, and certificate in this career. What’s more, as a web developer, you have more chances to find a remote job that will offer you flexible working hours and it would be easier to organize your home and business life. 


Real estate agents help people buy, sell and rent properties. This career involves finding potential clients and advising them on prices and markets. Also, you would have to maintain lists of properties available, take house tours and handle the paperwork. To become a realtor you can easily enroll in a course to learn everything needed. And even though realtor hours can sometimes get long, every agent is able to set their own hours and schedules. This makes this career a perfect one for a working mother who doesn’t have full daytime childcare.

Permanent makeup artist

If you already love taking care of yourself and enjoy makeup, this career might be just perfect for you. To become a permanent makeup artist, you can easily find great courses in microblading or other brow treatments at Phibrows USA and explore all the options and learn all the skills. With this, you could even open up your own beauty salon where you can dictate your own hours. As far as supplies are concerned, you can find all the necessary equipment for your services at Phishop USA. These are just some examples, you can find various courses and supplies anywhere since permanent makeup has become a huge trend. It is also a promising career and you get to dictate your own hours and work for each day and have enough time to spend with your family, too. 

Preschool teacher

As a mother, you already have experience in child care. You can take that motivation and experience to preschool and educate and care for younger children. As a preschool teacher, you can work at childcare centers, preschools, and a variety of other environments. You can coordinate activities that will provide education and entertainment for kids, help notice any emotional or developmental problems and keep parents updated. This career is good for working moms for numerous reasons, including learning more about childcare and taking care of kids making sure they are healthy and happy. What’s more, this career is in high demand and you just need to get a license. 

Graphic designer

If you’re already in love with art but don’t have time for art as a hobby, why not turn it into your career. As a graphic designer, you would create visuals ordered by the clients. You could be designing anything from logos and labels to illustrations for brand identities. It is a very creative job that is also in high demand. Also, you would be able to find a remote position that would allow you flexibility in work and hours, since this career is highly customizable. There is enough room for full-time, part-time, office, freelance, and remote jobs. All you would have to do is pass a course and optimize your time management skills.

Being a mother is already a beautiful job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your career, too. If you don’t want to go back to your old job after maternity leave, there are plenty of other options that would provide flexible hours, maybe even better pay, and satisfaction with what’ you’re doing to provide for your family. 

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