The Secret To A Long-Lasting Timepiece

The secret to a long-lasting timepiece.

secret to a long-lasting timepiece

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The whole world revolves around time and it plays a very important role in our lives. Structuring and organization of our daily activities are made possible because of time. It is the most valuable resource because it cannot be turned back. You can’t have second chances with any time period that is past and this is the reason why we only grow older and never younger. . Everyone tries to make the most use of the time available to them and technology has made things simpler with the emergence of timepieces that are portable enough to wear around. It is necessary to make sure that it is properly taken care of so that it lasts long. Here are some secrets.

Keep your timepiece from magnetic fields

Placing your timepieces near magnetic fields can cause deviations from the correct time. We encounter magnetic fields every day without even knowing it. Almost everyone has access to one electronic device or another which contains strong magnetic fields. These fields can magnetize our timepieces causing all manner of problems to it. It is very important that during some simple activities like getting an x-ray, going through airport security, and others, you should take your watch off your hand to avoid any damage from exposure to magnetic fields. Also, avoid placing them on speakers.

Store properly

One secret to a long-lasting timepiece is its proper storage. You may be lucky to have a number of timepieces. This means that on some days, some of them will not be worn. You could go on a vacation and maybe take only one of three of your wristwatches, leaving the others behind. It is also possible that you choose not to wear any timepiece for some time. The big question will be when you are not wearing it, how do you store it? Timepieces should be stored in a dust-proof and dry case. This case is to protect the wristwatch against shocks and excessive sunlight. Valuable and luxury timepieces like swiss made watches are known for their high quality and long-lasting quality but they still have to be stored properly in a secure vault.

Use a watch winder

An automatic timepiece usually stops ticking after about 40 hours when left untouched. This will mean that you would have to rewind it when you next make use of it. Rewinding the watch every now and then is not beneficial to the longevity of the movement. Getting a watch winder would help make the timepiece last longer. This will keep your wristwatch in motion even when you are not using it and also, the precision of the watch’s accuracy is kept intact. A watch with a moon phase display can be prevented from so many re-adjustments if you are using a watch winder. The oils in the movement mechanisms are also kept in motion which prevents hardening. Watch winders help keep your timepieces lasting long so you should consider getting them.

Note the conditions that are extreme for its proper functioning

One of the secrets to a long-lasting timepiece is to take note of the timepiece’s limitations and stick to them. For example, every watch has a water resistance rating. As a watch wearer, you may want to pay more attention to it henceforth because going beyond its recommendation could cause the timepiece to stop working after a few weeks. Some timepieces also come with temperature limitations. They are not supposed to be exposed to temperatures that are too high or too low. The temperature range should be known and adhered to so that it doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment. Always know the limitations of your wristwatches so that you can better care for them and keep them long-lasting.

Service it regularly

Regular servicing of your wristwatches is necessary if you want them to last long just like your cars. A professional in the business will check for any imperfections and changes within the timepiece that should be fixed. This will ensure that the movement is performing to its optimal level. Proper servicing will require opening the casing of the wristwatch and this could be harmful later if the seal is not properly fixed as it was before. Water could start getting into the wrong places. So, make sure to do business with an authorized service person.

Final word

Some timepieces are built for fashion rather than time-telling. Due to this fact, there is the need to maintain your timepieces and not rely on any reassurance that they would last for a long time. You can do some research before buying any timepiece. After making a perfect choice, you still have to take care of it. So, start paying more attention to your timepieces henceforth if you want them to last longer. The tips here will guide you.

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