7 Reasons You Should Be Flossing Daily

7 reasons you should be flossing daily.

importance of flossing daily

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For many people, flossing is the least adhered to the step of their oral hygiene schedule. They do not know that flossing is just as essential as brushing in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Furthermore, regular flossing can also prevent health complications like Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

Although you may not have the time to floss after every meal, it is recommended to do it at least once per day. Below are seven reasons you should be flossing daily.

Prevent plaque build-up

If you have poor dental hygiene, it won’t be long before you notice plaque accumulating in the areas between your teeth and gums. Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky material that is notorious for causing tooth decay. Brushing alone may not be able to prevent accumulation.

It would be best if you flossed regularly to properly clean the spaces between your teeth and gums. When combined with proper brushing, it is a very effective way of removing plaque and preventing its build-up again.

Prevents tartar build-up

We have talked about plaque and how you can deal with it. However, if you address plaque early enough and let it overstay on your teeth, it can form a hard yellow coating that is very difficult to get rid of. This tough substance is known as tartar, and it is a cause of various dental issues.

Incorporating flossing into your dental routine will help keep tartar in check and stop it from accumulating.

Prevent periodontitis and cavities

While it may initially look like a little bleeding, gum disease may progress to awful decay and tooth loss. This happens when you let plaque and tartar accumulate in your teeth, resulting in several dental problems. They include periodontitis or gum disease, loose teeth, tooth cavities, and other dental complications.

Gum disease is one of the more prevalent ones, and it may manifest itself through bad breath, infections, sore mouth, and even gingivitis. Flossing is very helpful in preventing gum disease and its associated symptoms. Regular flossing will ensure that you have strong teeth and gums that are healthy and free of infections.

Prevent bad breath

Bad breath is also referred to as halitosis. It is mainly caused by the accumulation of plaque and tartar in your teeth or the onset of gum disease. Bad breath is one of the conditions you should steer clear off because of how embarrassing it can be.

Nonetheless, it is an issue that can be easily addressed with proper dental hygiene. Along with other oral hygiene practices, you should floss daily to avoid bad breath.

Clean the harder areas

Brushing your teeth is vital for good oral health. However, at best, brushing can only clean half the plaque that should be removed. More than 40% of plaque stuck in your teeth cannot be cleaned by brushing alone. Therefore, it is necessary to add flossing to your dental routine to target the harder-to-reach areas between your teeth for proper cleaning.

Prevent illness related to gum disease

You may not know it yet, but recent studies have shown that gum disease may result in other severe health issues. They include respiratory complications, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and even heart disease. Thus, gum disease should be avoided by all means.

If you are looking for the best dentist in Cary NC, you can ask friends for recommendations or look online. Any dentist will recommend that you should floss at least every day to reduce the risk of developing the above complications.

A brighter smile

Flossing will give you healthy teeth and gums. But apart from preventing plaque, cavities, and gum disease, it will also enhance your smile by making your teeth brighter and whiter. Having a better smile will make you happier and boost your confidence in your daily activities.

Now, you have more than enough reasons to floss regularly. Good dental hygiene should be at the top of your priorities to prevent future problems. Contact us to know more about flossing and any dental services you may be interested in.

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