10 Things You Need for an Epic Backyard Movie Night

What do you need for an epic backyard movie night?

backyard movie night

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It’s a special feeling watching your favorite new film outside. You get to watch while observing the stars and enjoying the night breeze with your loved ones. Luckily it’s very simple to convert your backyard into a home coliseum. You may already have most of the key components to make it happen. Backyard movie nights are fun, especially when your kids are about to go back to school. Take advantage of the good weather and have a night full of fun.

Here is a list of the ten things you need for an epic backyard movie night for you and your loved ones.

The list of 10 things you need for an epic backyard movie night

A projector

If you plan to have a backyard movie night, the first essential item you need is a projector. Suppose you don’t already have one, you can buy one. There is an option of borrowing, but it’s better to own your projector to have more movie nights. If you want to buy a projector, here are some of the types you should look for at a fair price of below $1,000. They include AAXA M6 at $599, Acer K138ST, which goes for $599, and Epson Home Cinema 2100 at $850.

A screen and a table to place your projector

You will also need a screen to project on for a backyard movie night. A screen is not the only option when it comes to projection. You can project on a wall and hang white sheets on your home or you can utilize a vinyl tarp. Another alternative is an inflatable screen which can be a great portable option.

A source of video

The video source is not tricky; if you have a computer or even a laptop, you are good to go. If you are using a computer or a laptop, ensure it has HDMI. Use the HDMI cable to connect your computer or laptop to the projector. There is also another method that you can use: the DVD or the Blu-ray player and PlayStation.

Cozy seats

There are several options for seating while watching a backyard movie night. You can use seats or a thick blanket. Many people prefer a situation where they will support their backs while watching. You can use beach chairs since you probably have them already in your backyard or garage. 

A source of power

The Source of power is not a problem because there is already power at your home. The only thing left is to know how you will transfer the power to your backyard and connect it with the movie`s instruments. You can use an extension cord to transfer power from your home to the backyard and start watching.

Sound system

A sound system is very important on a backyard movie night because the projector and the screens do not have sound systems. They need to be connected to a sound system for you and your loved ones to feel a deep resonance while watching and fully enjoy. Examples of sound systems you can use include:

  • Movable speakers
  • Guitar amplifier
  • Computer speakers

Some snacks

Do not underestimate the power of snacks on a movie night. The most common snack is popcorn. The other must-have snacks are drinks, crisps, Dips, and Sour Patch Kids. Snacks are important because they keep you in check and make your night more enjoyable. You can also arrange for your children a movie night aimed at decorating the snack table. Every kid loves snacks. Make sure you ask them for the preferred type they like.

A movie

A backyard movie night is incomplete without a movie. The whole purpose of making all these arrangements is to have the movie night. Be sure to choose a movie that your whole family will enjoy, not just you. If you`re looking for a movie to watch, here are some of the recommendations that you will enjoy even with your little ones:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • An American Tale
  • Annie

Cover blankets

Since you’re outside, you need a blanket to cover yourselves, the weather might be favorable, but there is still a breeze since you`re outside. If you are many, ensure to come with a few blankets to cover all of you.

Outdoor lights

If you`re hosting a backyard movie night, you can set up some outdoor lights to set the mood. These lights also make the backyard more attractive. You can use stylish candles as the outdoor lights.

Insect repellants

In your backyard, you need insect repellent to eliminate any insects that can destroy your comfort. Remember, you want to make this night as fun as possible, so it’s better to arm yourself in case of any interference.


What a movie night needs are basic stuff. It does not have to be all fancied up; you need space to set up, lights, a movie, and some snacks.

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