8 Thoughtful and Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas in 2022

8 thoughtful and unique anniversary gift ideas in 2022.

unique anniversary gift ideas

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Maybe you forgot your anniversary last year, or maybe your partner deserves something tremendously special this year. Whatever the reason, they deserve an anniversary present this year that matches them and their contribution to what you two are building together. To help, here is a list of eight thoughtful and unique anniversary gift ideas for 2022.

Scavenger hunt

Like all great presents, they require thought, effort, and most of the time. However, nothing says I love you like a trip through memory lane, but with a twist. Try planning a scavenger hunt with shared memories as clues. Let’s be honest, not everyone can come up with an anniversary gift on the fly, but with a scavenger hunt, you won’t have to.

Something homemade

Sometimes a homemade present can be more rewarding to receive and to make. A thoughtful present isn’t always the one that costs the most. A thoughtful gift cannot be found anywhere else and is something that uniquely benefits your partner. Try learning a new skill or use an existing one, but try to do it as much yourself as possible.

Bucket list

Life can be short and fleeting, but love makes it worth it. Show how much you love the other person by offering them a memory they will never forget. Either plan it for your partner or the two of you, but help them cross something off their bucket list. Accomplishing a bucket list task can be extremely rewarding for both of you, a memory like no other.

Day trip

The impromptu day trip is always a great idea. Sometimes allowing yourself time to rest or take a break from work can feel impossible. Spend the day doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do. Make an entire day of it, and enjoy a break from the crowded, busy lives that typically follow adulthood.

Concert tickets

Music is deeply personal. No two people can hear the same music the same way, which makes concert tickets equally personal. If your partner enjoys music, then why not gift them with an experience they will never forget. Enjoy an evening or weekend away from the house and soak in the live music.


Planning and executing a photoshoot is also a great anniversary gift idea. The concept that pictures are worth a thousand words couldn’t be more true. Try a more personalized present and create a themed photoshoot. For example, try cosplay and dress up as your favorite television show together or pretend you are a new celebrity couple. Get dressed up and enjoy the day with laughs and pictures that will bring fond memories for years to come.

Learn something

Rekindle a shared passion or discover a new one by taking a couples class. Sign up for a cooking, painting, or ceramics class. Doing a shared activity has its inherent benefits, but finding a new one might create a shared journey that you both can follow. If done correctly, it might result in a passion that only deepens and strengthens your relationship, love, and admiration for each other.

Personalized jewelry

Jewelry can be as generic or personalized as you want it to be. However, a well-thought piece of jewelry or custom piece can be a great present. Maybe it is a timepiece with an engraving etched into the case back. Or maybe it’s a piece of custom necklace that has the GPS coordinates of where you two first met on it. Your possibilities are endless. Only you will know what personalized piece your partner will cherish.

Closing thoughts

A thoughtful anniversary gift is not the one that costs the most. It’s the one that is irreplaceable, the one that speaks to your partner on a level that only they might fully realize. Remember, this list is not exhaustive. There is any number of unique gift ideas not mentioned here. However, this list is only a suggestion to get you to think outside the box. A helpful tip is to start planning early, take your time, and enjoy the process. It’s typically more fun that way.

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