How Your Family Can Make Extra Money This Summer

How can your family make extra money this summer?

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Does your family enjoy entrepreneurial opportunities as much as watching TV? Opening up a business this summer could bring in some extra cash, and you’d learn valuable skills, too. However, not everyone knows what they’d like to do with the summer. We’ve listed a few endeavors you and your family could take on this year.

Invest money in dividend-yielding stocks

Even a $10 investment would add some income to the house if you bought a dividend-producing stock. Usually, people don’t invest anything because they feel like it would cost too much. However, you don’t have to spend a ton to create a little passive income. Take a look at what’s selling and pick a stock with great dividends. By putting a little bit into it at the start of summer, you’ll see some appreciation by the end. Then, it’ll continue paying out a little at a time until you’ve pulled it out of the market.

Sign up for in-person research studies

Sometimes, researchers need local participants to complete their studies. Sign up for one by looking at local ads and finding a nearby study. You won’t make a ton most of the time, but it’s easy nonetheless. Plus, you’ll get a chance to see the scientific process up close. That’s perfect if your kids are learning about something similar in school. So, why not sign up for one that’s relevant to their coursework while you’re at it.

Donate plasma to a nearby clinic

How would it feel to make money and save lives simultaneously? If there’s a plasma clinic near you, you could do just that. By giving them some of your plasma, they’ll pay you for anything you’ve donated. Then, you could get the rest of your family to donate. If everyone did it, you’d earn quite a bit all at once.

Complete a few online surveys

Doing a few surveys would put some cash in your pocket, and you can do most of them online. See if anything is interesting by researching a survey website and signing up for it. Once they’ve approved your account, you can complete whatever surveys they’ve listed.

Design an affiliate marketing program

Maybe, your family could go on a road trip and record the journey in a blog. If you can show people something exciting along the way, it’s hard to avoid a growing audience. Plus, monetizing a blog is straightforward once you’re attracting enough viewers. Simply put a few links to an affiliate program on there and start watching the money as it rolls in.

Set up a photo booth to capture memories

Has your family ever tried renting out a photo booth for extra income? Try taking a deeper look at an excellent 360 photo booth for sale online. Giving people a memorable way to record their experiences tends to be profitable. People will love to rent out a photo booth for events such as birthday parties, business events, weddings, etc. Inside this booth, you’ll see a virtual world and get plenty of pics while you’re there. The manufacturers put speakers in the unit to make it a full-sensory experience. That way, you can enjoy a stimulating escape into a virtual world while taking photos with the family.

Sell lemonade on the block

Has it been hot during the summer in your neighborhood? If that’s how things normally go, you should open up a lemonade stand on the driveway. Giving people something cool to drink in the summer is a time-tested way of making money. By doing that with the kids, you’ll be teaching them about entrepreneurship, too. Don’t invest too much in the ingredients if you can avoid it since that’s where most expenses are. If you limit how much you’re spending there, you’ll see way more profit in the long run.

Start a roadside carwash

Another simple business to open in the summer is a car wash. Once it’s too hot to stand outside comfortably, people will pay an arm and a leg for such service. As long as you’re doing a good job, they’ll love the spirit of the thing. You could bring in enough to cover a part-time job if you’re diligent.

Making extra money with your family this summer

Getting the family to be entrepreneurial is a great summer bonding experience. Not only would you get to do something together, but you would also make a little money.

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