How to Throw a Luau Birthday Party This Summer

How to throw a Luau birthday party this summer?

throw a Luau birthday party

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If you or a loved one loves the beauty of the Hawaiian tropics, you can bring some of this allure and wonder to your backyard and throw a luau-themed birthday celebration this summer. The party will allow you and your guests to spend time outdoors, indulge in some sweet treats, and listen to great music while spending quality time together. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make this year’s luau birthday party one to remember.

Create eye-catching invitations

The invitations will get your guests excited about the party and let them know what to expect when it comes to food, decor, and entertainment. Choose invitations that feature stunning tropical flowers or select invitations in the shape of coconut or pineapple. Be sure to include the time and date on the invitations, along with an RSVP to make sure you have enough food and party favors for everyone.

Set up the decor and signage

Once you let everyone know all the details about the party, you can start planning your decorations. Set up signs to let your guests know where the games will be played, where they can listen to a live ukelele player or live band, and where the food will be served. You can set up tiki huts where guests can make their own cocktails or have appetizers. Decorate the party space with large orchids or tropical flowers and tablecloths that look like grass skirts. You can also include the guest of honor’s favorite colors in the decorations.

Plan the menu

If you don’t want to roast a whole pig outside, you can still present your loved ones with the flavors of a traditional luau. Meatballs dipped in pineapple barbecue sauce, a platter filled with fresh tropical fruit. Grilled kebabs and mini pineapple upside-down cakes are also delicious choices for your luau menu. You can even serve a pineapple upside-down cake as the birthday cake for this occasion. Try to keep the menu as simple as possible so you can make the food ahead of time and enjoy the party. Pineapple whips are traditionally served at luaus, so offer this refreshing sweet treat to keep your guests cool.

If you want to serve drinks at the luau, set up a station for guests to grab one of the party’s signature cocktails. You can serve Pina Coladas, pineapple smoothies, or drinks that include guava or cherry flavors. Or, you can prepare a drink cart so your friends and loved ones can prepare cocktails to their liking. Be sure to offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks as well such as coconut water and pineapple juice to ensure that everyone stays hydrated.

Let the games begin

The games and interactive activities at luaus are a huge part of what makes the celebration enjoyable. Set up a limbo station and hand out prizes for the party guests who show off their most impressive moves. Purchase Hawaiian gifts online like keychains, food, or themed costume jewelry to give guests practical party favors and reward them for being good sports.

Have a hula dancing contest or hire a dance instructor to show everyone how to perform this traditional Hawaiian dance. It’s also a good idea to have a ball toss or relay race at the luau to keep your guests engaged. Make the games more challenging by asking your guests to try to complete the necessary tasks for the games while spinning a hula hoop on their hips.

Don’t forget the music

Hire a luau-themed band to play music throughout the party. Music is one of the most important elements of any party and the right tunes will make your guests feel even more festive. Before you cut the cake, you can ask the band to give the guest of honor a special tribute to make the celebration more meaningful.

If your friends and family are musically inclined, you can have a karaoke contest as well. Include some traditional Hawaiian tunes as well as some of the guest of honor’s favorite songs so you and your guests can sing and dance the night away.


These suggestions will make your birthday party especially memorable and you may even be asked to throw a similar soiree for another loved one in the future. Be sure to take lots of pictures so you can look back on your enjoyable day fondly for years to come.

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