5 Healthy and Easy Meals to Make for Your Children

5 healthy and easy meals to make for your children.

easy meals for kids

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If you’ve been trying to get your family to eat healthier but your children are picky eaters, you may be looking for new recipes that your little ones will be excited to try. There are several dishes you can prepare that are high in vitamins and minerals and easy to prepare. If you want to motivate your kids to branch out when it comes to the foods they eat, here are five healthy and easy meals you can prepare for your children.

Bakes quesadillas

Quesadillas are an easy lunch or dinner for kids. You can fill the tortilla with a variety of proteins and veggies that are both delicious and filling. Ground chicken, beef, or turkey can be combined with cheese, chopped tomatoes and onions, spinach, bell peppers, and diced tomatoes they all taste great inside a quesadilla. Baking these savory treats makes this meal healthier since you won’t have to use any oil. Serve the quesadillas with salsa made from fresh fruits and veggies for an easy and healthy meal.

Overnight oats

If you’ve been looking for a healthy breakfast your picky eaters will enjoy, try some overnight oats. This recipe is easy to make and your kids can choose the ingredients you want to include, such as fresh fruit, chocolate chips, or chopped nuts. You can also use non-dairy milk substitutes in the overnight oats for a vegan breakfast. Oats are a source of fiber and help to lower blood pressure and balance blood sugar. Allowing your kids to make this dish with you will make them excited about breakfast the next morning. This breakfast is easy to prepare and provides a hearty breakfast that comes in handy when you’re on the go in the mornings.

One-pan bakes chicken meal

If your kids are fans of chicken and you want to get a healthy dinner on the table in a matter of minutes, try this one-pan chicken meal. You can season the chicken with olive oil, fresh herbs, and a seasoning blend of dried citrus, herbs, and spices, you will also want to use the best salt substitute for high blood pressure to keep this meal as healthy as possible for your little ones. Let your kids pick the veggies that you’ll enjoy as side dishes, such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, baby carrots, or sweet potato sticks. Season all the veggies according to your taste and place all the food items in a baking pan. Cook the chicken and vegetables for about half an hour or until the chicken is cooked through. You can take the ingredients right from the pan to the plate. This healthy and tasty dinner also makes for easy cleanup.

Spaghetti with hidden veggies

Spaghetti is often a family favorite, and you can get a few extra servings of vegetables with this simple and healthy tip. Puree veggies like carrots, spinach, and butternut squash, and add them to the pasta sauce so your kids can get more vitamins and minerals in the meal. A blissful bowl of goodness with cold spaghetti salad with an elegant combination of noodles, and raw and roasted vegetables. You can even find pasta that contains powdered broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes so your kids can consume even more vegetables without noticing it. You can serve French bread and steamed veggies as easy and quick side dish ideas.

Sheet pan nachos

Get ready for Taco Tuesday with nachos you can prepare on a sheet pan. Fill a baking sheet with tortilla chips, your favorite shredded cheese, and a variety of proteins and veggies. For instance, you can top the nachos with shredded chicken or tofu cubes, along with black beans, olives, diced butternut squash, and chopped onions. You can also add tomato and cilantro to the nachos and bake for about 15 minutes until all the ingredients are cooked thoroughly. Once you remove the nachos from the oven, you can serve them with your favorite taco fixings for a healthy and easy meal everyone in the family will love.

These are just a few recipes that can motivate your little ones to try something new while enjoying some of the flavors they’re familiar with. You can also adjust the ingredients in these recipes to increase the fiber and antioxidants in the meal while reducing salt and sugar. Letting your children help you prepare the meal may also increase the likelihood that they’ll try the food and take pride in the meal they’ve created.

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